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Agency CRM Success Story

Heather Lemere was very familiar with long hours. Between handling the operations, marketing and management as a storefront owner in the salon industry, she was spending more than 16 hours a day at work. She knew her schedule wasn’t conducive to starting a family (or sleeping), so in 2009 she left salon ownership behind and started a salon-specific marketing company, Salon Success Strategies. Today, Heather runs a full service marketing agency for salons, day spas and medical spas.

Split ends.

When Heather first started her business, she struggled to generate leads and get the right people interested in her business. She was using multiple software solutions to manage everything.

“For a whole year I struggled through these different platforms of software that were fine to use but they weren’t that pretty, they didn’t sync together—they were very labor intensive and they were a little bit hard to figure out.”

Her shopping cart, contact management and email marketing systems were disjointed, and her plans for growth were unclear. Her husband’s corporate job took him out of town for months out of the year, and her schedule hardly allowed time for business development, let alone a family.

Styled for success.

With Infusionsoft Agency CRM contact management, marketing automation, sales automation and e-commerce capabilities (plus a sharp CustomerHub membership site integration), Heather has been able to create a stream of incoming leads, gather information about the people who visit their site and advance prospects through campaigns. As a result, they only call the hottest and most interested leads, prospects know what they do and who they are before they even make contact and they’re able to easily upsell additional services. They’ve moved all of their marketing campaigns into Campaign Builder—completely automating and streamlining their marketing process. Best of all, they never forget to send an email or plan an initiative.

They offer video marketing classes as part of a qualified lead campaign, along with a webinar series on do-it-yourself marketing techniques. They’ve positioned their marketing content to lead prospects into a self-service marketing and education portal on Customer Hub.

In Heather’s words, “Infusionsoft Agency CRM has completely streamlined our marketing and sales. We have even been able to set up post-sales follow-up sequences to allow our customers to provide us with information and documents before we meet to discuss their projects.”