10 Essential Elements That Your Marketing Automation Platform Must Feature

March 2, 2018 0 Comments

In today’s marketing landscape, automation is at its peak and is considered as a vital addition to the success of any business. There’s no doubt that a lot of companies are making use of different marketing automation platforms to make their marketing campaigns easier.

Marketing automation software is a very potent tool for managing your online marketing campaigns. Various platforms allow you to automate a variety of different tasks. From your drip campaigns, landing pages to your social media management and even the most refined marketing analytics, marketing automation can help you manage your marketing tasks smoothly and efficiently.

However, for an automation platform to help you promote your brand, it needs to possess the essential features. There is a multitude of different marketing automation platforms out there, with each possessing their own set of features. However, it’s important to use nothing but the most exceptional automation tool to help you accomplish all of your marketing tasks. To choose the best marketing automation software, make sure that it has the ten features outlined below:

1.) Automated Email Marketing

Marketing automation is built mainly for email marketing purposes. Email marketing is an essential component of reinforcing a brand’s sales and customer engagement. The power to send massive amounts of emails on marked schedules is important to the modern marketer. In addition, the automation platform that you use must also provide beautiful, unique and customizable email templates to enable the creation of professional-level emails. By providing a smooth-operating email strategy, companies can drive client engagement, satisfaction and sales.

2.) Proper Management of Contacts

Obtaining a list of subscribers is only half the challenge. You still have to filter sort out and manage your list to determine the ones who are genuinely interested in your brand. Doing this will also let you create more targeted emails and well-structured email marketing strategies. If your marketing automation platform offers all of these email optimization features, then you can guarantee that you have a seamless and efficient email marketing campaign.

A lot of marketing automation software enables companies to conduct contact management options for clients. This feature allows more targeted and specific campaigns for your target audience. A superb marketing automation platform will allow you to incorporate a pop-up prompt onto your web pages. Utilizing contact management is a very useful way to obtain new subscribers since the contact acquisition is now made easier than ever.

3.) Social Media Automation

Of course, marketing relies heavily on social media these days. Manual post-making for every social media platform is no longer convenient since it is way too time-consuming. Fortunately, the majority of marketing automation platforms offer automated social media management. Not only will it automate your platforms but it will also let you edit your posts to effectively optimize it for each social media platform that you utilize.

4.) Simplified Community Engagement

Nothing is more convenient than having your social media alerts and notifications all in one place. It allows you to identify the level of engagement on your posts quickly, determine the ones requesting a reply, and identifying the different trending topics, comments, and posts on their tracked social media profiles.

Keeping up with your social media audience will be a tremendous motivating factor for building more relevant content and crafting correct responses to interested people promptly.

5.) Automated Customer’s Journey

Creating a customer’s journey for your brand drives success for any brand’s marketing goals. Your marketing automation platform should allow you to plan out your customer’s marketing funnel. It should also be complete with various points and features, as well as a relevant end game. A visual aspect of your customer’s journey builder will be an important addition since you can clearly visualize the various elements of the journey as you plan them out.

The primary feature in using this feature is that the actions performed within your customer’s journey can now be automated. For example, the corresponding emails that have been set up in the email marketing pipeline will be sent out as a result of a triggered action. This will help you provide reliable results for your brand and your clients.

6.) Landing Pages/Capture Pages

The key element to every online marketing campaign will always be an active landing page. Your landing page serves as the place where they will be diverted to once they decide to click on your ad. Because of this, it is also important that your landing page has the following qualities:

  • simple to understand
  • optimized for conversions
  • features a call-to-action button

All of these features will entice the visitor’s interest, even more, giving them more reasons to convert. Having a marketing automation software that features a landing page builder will develop an effective landing page that can earn you a high conversion rate. Any business can bring extreme value to its clients if they can produce a beautiful, information-heavy, and conversion-focused landing page.

7.) An All-in-one Dashboard

A huge benefit of using automation platforms is the dashboard. It is a place where all of your campaigns are found. Marketing automation has a lot of features and moving pieces. Because of that, having a good topo-view of your marketing campaigns and other projects can be extremely useful.

In addition, you should make sure that your dashboard is fully customizable, so you can incorporate all the things you need for your campaigns. Keep in mind that each of your campaigns doesn’t have the same priorities. Having a customizable dashboard allows you to incorporate the things that are more important to each of your projects.

8.) Options for White Label

While having a marketing automation platform is essential for optimizing and managing tasks, it is still important for you to be the master of your brand. Being able to nurture their relationship with their clients through effective automated strategies is very useful. Using marketing automation will support this approach.

There should always be expertise and familiarization with identifying where in your marketing pipeline you will need automation. Choosing a white label automation platform will allow you to place your brand on your automation platform and make it look more proprietary.

9.) A/B Testing

A/b tests are always a useful method in deciding which elements of your online marketing is better. A/b testing is a necessary step in building a solid marketing strategy. For beginners, a/b testing is the method of-of experimenting two or more types of marketing emails to determine which of your strategies works best for your target audience. Keep in mind that a/b testing demands well-honed skills in statistics and organization.

A/b testing as a built-in feature for your marketing automation platform is extremely convenient as you will no longer have to do the testing yourself manually. Instead, you can just input the data into your software and let it work its magic in tracking and determining the best one for you. Once a test has been completed, you can ensure that the resulting element is the best and most effective way to address your needs.

10.) Analytics

We are now living in an era of analytics. The days where you have to create your emails manually are long gone. You no longer have to send out to different random recipients in hopes of landing an interesting prospect. Today, analytics are absolutely key to determining your target customers and making adjustments to your marketing strategy. What’s more convenient is that majority of marketing automation platforms today are now featuring analytics catered for every marketing strategy. Different platforms can now provide insights into various marketing metrics such as the following:

  • Clicks
  • Open rates
  • Bounce rates
  • Unsubscribes
  • Conversions

This gives you the option to tweak and adjust your campaigns to get the most out of your marketing campaign.

Keep in mind that analytics is not a limit element. It also factors towards a brand’s conversion rates and social media statistics. Depending on the platform that you choose, the data can be increasingly detailed. For the latter (social media), you can get into specific engagements social clicks, and follower counts. For the email customer journey and email marketing statistics, you can acquire information through CTRs, bounce, visits, conversions, etc.


Though marketing automation is extremely relevant for today online marketers, it won’t really matter much if you are using a platform with limited features. It is important for businesses to find and use only the most comprehensive marketing automation platform that meets with their needs and optimize their workflow and enable agency staffs to take on more projects and serve better their existing and prospective clients. Marketing automation platforms like Infusionsoft by Keap and GetResponse are two masterfully crafted software that serves agencies and their clients better and more efficiently.

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