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Top 3 Benefits of Using Effective Lead Nurturing Strategy

March 19, 2018 0 Comments

If you’re still not doing lead nurturing strategy, you must be missing out a lot of opportunities. In the world of marketing, nobody likes to encounter pushy and aggressive salespeople. Nobody wants to be to spoonfed with the information they’re not asking for. We want to be autonomous in our choices, and not let somebody dictate our decisions.

Just imagine how annoying it would be to enter a store for the very first time and getting shoved immediately with products or services. This concept also applies to online marketing. People appreciate it more when they are not forced and can freely decide on their own based on other assisting content that you provide them.

Visitors that come to your website have the same feeling as walking into a store for the very first time. Majority of these people come to your site in hopes of getting some information about your brand, along with taking a few notes along the way. They might also try testing some of your options, but keep in mind that they are not going to buy for the first product they see unless they have already done their research prior to coming to your site.

According to HubSpot, among all of a brand’s leads, only 25 percent are legitimate and will convert to sales. If you are sending all of your leads a sales pitch, not only are you going to annoy these people, but you are also going to waste your time and resources. Instead, you should warm your leads up and determine the ones who are going to make a sale and the ones who need a little bit more convincing.

Every good online marketer knows that they should utilize inbound marketing. This strategy is perfect for warming up your leads before they are sent to sales using an automated lead nurturing system.

Lead Nurturing In a Nutshell

Lead Nurturing is a significant component of inbound marketing. It is a method of automating a series of email offers that are going to be sent to prospects who have already converted into leads on your site via accessing one of your offers. For example, let’s say your business is about computer hardware servicing, and one of your site visitors downloads an ebook on ‘computer hardware maintenance’ Before they can download the material, they must provide their email address.

The action that they make will then trigger the automated system that they’ve set up. So instead of having a salesperson call them and sell them your maintenance services, they will receive a welcome email, along with an offer for another piece of helpful content. This time, it might be about ‘diagnosing computer problems’ or ‘installing/updating hardware drivers.’

The plan is to entice your lead with your brand by offering various content that they find relevant to what they are looking for. Each content that your lead will interact will move them through the sales funnel and into a potential purchase. This process will go on and on until the lead will show signs of being a qualified lead. This type of lead is now ready to make a decision.

Only qualified leads can be turned over to the sales department. The sales team will receive a complete lead intelligence that will help them prepare to help the lead find the right computer hardware service.

Reason for using Lead Nurturing

As mentioned earlier, the majority of leads are not yet ready to go straight to sales – they need to be “nurtured” first. Most of your visitors are looking for information to help them make a final decision. With an effective lead nurturing strategy, you can effectively provide them with the information they are looking for. It is good for both you and your lead. Here are three of the biggest benefits of utilizing lead nurturing:

1.) Lead Nurturing is Convenient
Rather than risking your potential leads by dropping them into a system of randomly sending bulk emails, having an automated lead nurturing system is more convenient as it will instantly respond with a follow-up email once a lead has provided their email. This system is essential since 25 to 50 percent of sales is handed to the brand that responds first.

Responding quickly will also increase the click-through rate (CTR) on the subsequent email. Studies show that the CTR of business declines as a lead age on their list, giving your all the more reason to respond right away.

Another great perk of lead nurturing is that it’s completely automated. You can’t effectively nurture your leads without using a marketing automation tool like Infusionsoft by Keap CRM Singapore Software or GetResponse. Once you set up your lead nurturing workflow, the software that you use will do the rest. Your emails are sent to each of your leads at specific intervals depending on the action they take, along with offers that apply to the initial interaction that your leads had with your site.

The results? Efficiency. Your work will be cut short, and you will have a shorter and more productive lead sales cycle. In fact, our findings have concluded that nurtured leads have a 23% shorter sales cycle that those that market without it.

3.) Nurtured Leads Are Targeted
Going back to our computer hardware servicing example, if one of your leads entered your lead nurturing system looking for information on computer hardware maintenance, chances are, they are not interested in other topics yet. It is best that you exclude topics that don’t relate to computer hardware maintenance.

By using a marketing automation tool in your lead nurturing, you can structure an ideal lead nurturing workflow. This system provides your leads with a series of offers that still relates to the topic that brought that person to your website in the first place, in this case, computer hardware maintenance. Your lead nurturing automation tool will them give you a template to plot out your landing page copies, CTAs and the specific timings of each email to be sent during the nurturing workflow. All of them are explicitly targeted to each of your lead’s interest.

At the end of the day, effective lead nurturing depends on the right marketing automation tool. Choosing the ideal software will guarantee that your marketing campaigns are running smoothly and efficiently, all while using the least amount of time and effort. Lead nurturing is an effective way of making your life easier while still getting the results you need.

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