4 Email Marketing Segmentation Strategies To Improve Click Through and Open Rates

March 13, 2018 0 Comments

Marketers nowadays are aware of how email segmentation can help improve their open and click rates. Infusionsoft’s latest user data revealed that segmenting campaigns has led to an increase in open and click rates by 14.64% and 59.99% respectively. That being said, determining the best strategies for segmenting your customer list can pose a considerable challenge.

To make it less of a daunting task, this post will provide for effective segmentation strategies that you can implement in your email marketing today to improve your click and open rates.

1.) Demographics

The first step in email marketing segmentation is by determining demographic data. Various information such as age, gender, company name, position, and income can tell a lot about a person’s needs and interests.

The more data you collects about your target audience during the sign-up process, the more options you can acquire for demographic segmentation purposes. However, you should be wary that asking too many questions can potentially scare people or put them in doubt of signing up for your brand.

Instead of asking for too much information, determine the essential metrics for your business. When you do, include those questions in your sign-up form field.

For example, if you’re a business-to-business software developing firm, the company position would emerge as a relevant demographic. If your business is a clothing retailer, then your prospect’s gender would be essential to know. Incorporate one to three of the most relevant demographic data for your business. You can even add more, depending on the intricacy of your segmentation.

The most straightforward way of segmenting your emails by demographic information is by using your website forms. The email marketing platform that you use should enable you to personalize the question in your email sign-up form. You can also use a plugin like to create opt-in form boxes.

Email marketing automation tools like Infusionsoft by Keap already has a demographic segmentation feature. All you need to do is to select the content that you wish to segment, and the demographic that you want to show it to. It’s super easy so try using a tool to help you with your email segmentation.

2.) Quiz or Survey Results

Falling under the category of marketers who prefer not asking for questions other than an email address is fine. However, you are ignoring so many valuable information that you can ask about your prospects. Fortunately, there is a way for you to get access to other types of data about your customers: creating a quiz or survey.

Incorporating a survey grants you the chance to not only obtain that valuable demographic information, but also access to insights like preference, tastes, and beliefs for each of your target audience. However, keep in mind that making people answer a survey has a price to pay. You should entice them first by creating some kind of incentive if they complete the form. You can let them enter in a drawing to win a prize, or give them a discount. If surveys are not your thing, a quiz might work for you. Offer results that would interest your audience and encourage them to opt-in.

There are different methods for creating custom quizzes and surveys for you for your target audience. If you are using WordPress, you can utilize the ‘Quiz and Survey Master’ plugin to construct customer surveys and quizzes. It also integrates with Infusionsoft by Keap, enabling you to export your results.

3.) Email Engagement

Another basic method for segmenting your customer list is email engagement. It can also have massive impacts on your overall results.
The primary metric that you are tracking is open and click-through rates, which you will keep track of in your email marketing campaign. You can also segment your emails according to engagement by identifying active and inactive users. Using these metrics, you can then create a specific campaign modeled at re-engaging your “cold” subscribers.

You can also focus on the ones that do engage, and according to their data, you can then target them more specifically. For instance, you can send out an email on your list. Your email is about an upcoming sale, where everyone who clicks on the link that you provide can be placed in the “interested” list. From there, you can then create a unique campaign for targeting them further and encouraging them to turn into potential buyers.

If you use Infusionsoft by Keap, segmenting by user engagement is going to be simple for you. In the “activity” tab, you will have access to options to see and monitor a variety of subscriber behavior. Through this data, you can then create exclusive segments.

4.) Geographic Location

There are different techniques to using data from one’s geographic area, which would make email segmentation by geographic location an essential tool, especially for businesses that significantly benefits from the location in terms of influencing a customer’s purchasing decision.

Infusionsoft by Keap, for example, is a marketing tool that features geolocation. It sends out targeted emails to your customer list. According to MailChimp, by considering geolocation in your emails, your email open rate will increase by up to 68%.

Here are different ways companies can utilize data from geolocation:
Time-dependent email messages. Shock your emails and send them at ideal times that customers of different time zones will find convenient.

  • Regional Advertising/Promotions. Send out focused emails for upcoming events in specific store locations.
  • Live Webinars. Adjust and monitor your event’s schedule based on your audience’s locations.
  • Customized Travel Directions. Personalize directions to an event or store based on the customer’s geolocation.
  • Location-specific content. Incorporate a location in your headlines or content to draw attention and offer a more personalized email segmentation experience.


Email Marketing segmentation isn’t only for brands that use the most highly-advanced marketing automation tool. Using a simple and straightforward email marketing software, along with a bit of creativity on your end, you can target your audience using these four super easy email segmentation strategies.

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