5 Effective Ways To Use Email Drip Campaigns To Nurture Existing Customers

February 12, 2018 0 Comments

As online marketers, most of you are aware about utilizing drip email marketing campaigns to convert leads into loyal customers by moving them through the sales cycle. Drips can net you with a lot of prospects that can potentially become customers. However, only the successful ones know that the ideal method of effectively utilizing drip campaigns is to use it, instead, on your existing customers.

Effectively Utilize Drip Campaigns

Intelligent online marketers are aware that selling directly to your existing customers is a lot simpler and more cost-effective than cultivating new leads. In fact, the chances of successfully selling to new prospects are just at 5-20%, while the odds of selling to an already-existing customer is much more efficient, right at a 60-75%. This statistic is according to the authors of Marketing Metrics.

These numerical presentations say a lot of things when it comes to executing effective email marketing strategies. But keep in mind that it will always remain a process that starts with acquiring new customers. However, instead of pressing too much on getting new prospects, you should focus more on nurturing your existing customers.

Nurture Your Current Customers With Your Drip Campaign

Effective customer drip campaigns begin with a comprehensive content strategy. This strategy will keep you locked in a focused on the things you want your drip to accomplish, all while attracting a lot of people in your brand. Starting off with a clear strategy will allow you to build drip campaigns that respond directly to specific interests and needs of your diverse customers.

This blog will provide a more comprehensive view into creating a drip marketing campaign that focuses on your existing customers.

1.) Set Reachable Goals & Expectations

At the very beginning, it is always essential to set achievable expectations when creating your drip email campaign. Provide some added value and give people all the right reasons to engage with your brand and establish a long and lasting relationship with your company.

2.) Create a Welcome Email

Give your customers what they’re looking for right from the get-go by providing a well-crafted welcome email. Add something extra, which will serve as an appreciation offering for them becoming a customer. Provide your current and potential customers with the necessary information needed to spark their interest even more. Offer links to relevant content, or provide them with access to other useful material such as a free ebook or downloadable. You can also offer discounts on your customer’s future purchases. But most of the time a powerful, value-filled content is enough to get them going.

3.) Incorporate A Blog

Blog posts should always be a part of your email marketing strategy. Having a blog can help current and potential customers in a lot of ways, especially if you are regularly posting new content every day. They are also useful in getting your customers involved and engaged with your brand. Your welcome email is an ideal moment for you to tell your new customers that you have a blog. You can also provide newly acquired customers with a link to one of your blog posts that are going to be useful to them. That content should also link to other blog posts with similar topics. A great blog post can also drive valuable traffic to your website.

4.) Incorporate Content Segmentation

You should also be aware that your audience is a diverse group of individuals. They come from different places and have different beliefs. For this reason, it is crucial that you segment your content and personalize your campaigns, tailored to each specific audience. By using your current marketing automation platform, you can also set rules and content triggers to ensure that you are actively delivering specific relevant content that perfectly matches with your customers’ search and viewing behaviors when they are on your site. Keep in mind that serving your customers with relevant content will stimulate their thoughts and have them ready to move closer to another potential sale.

5.) Do Not Sell Just Yet

Arguably the golden rule of drip marketing is not to sell right away. Once you’ve gained attention, work towards turning these random people into customers by helping them solve their problem. If you want to build long and lasting relationships with your current customers, work towards formulating effective drip marketing campaigns that will educate and inform them on specific topics and provide helpful solutions to their problems. By giving off useful information, you can keep reminding them that your relationship with your readers is significant. This strategy increases the chances that your customers will return and acquire what you are offering.


These are only a few tips for getting the most out of your drip marketing campaign. Always remember that keeping an existing customer is a lot more cost effective than attempting to acquire new ones. Instead of focusing on acquiring new prospects, work towards nurturing your customers and turning them into loyal, returning ones.

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