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5 Email Marketing Challenges Faced BY Modern Marketer and How To Solve Them

February 15, 2018 0 Comments

As marketers, we easily tend to focus on our day-to-day tasks, rushing from one marketing campaign to the next, and vice versa. We are constantly facing different challenges in our email marketing campaigns. We’ve done some research and have concluded that the modern-day marketer faces seven challenges in their email marketing campaigns. To weather get past these obstacles and obtain the goal that was set in your email marketing efforts, marketers need a reliable email marketing tactic to position their business towards growth and development.

Email Marketing Challenges and How To Overcome Them

Boosting Customer Engagement

Importance: For a business to thrive, it needs to build long-term relationships with its customers. Most of the time, people tend to remain loyally engaged more in companies they trust. To attain this goal, the very first thing that marketers need to do is to define their target audience. Once you’ve identified the people that are genuinely interested in your brand, you can then formulate a strategy that will create the ideal type of content that these people will find most relevant.

Challenge: The critical factor towards increasing your customer engagement rate is by defining who your target persona is and what this person is looking for. Once you do, you then need to plan our on how to engage them personally and relevantly. As marketers living in an era of digital and technological advancements, it is necessary that we take advantage of email marketing automation to increase customer engagement rates. We need to use customer data to drive customers through the buyer’s journey and send relevant emails at the right moment. We also need to make sure that the emails we send are useful and will spark their interest levels of your recipients towards your brand.

Boosting Customer Acquisition

Importance: This one’s a no-brainer. For your company to grow, it is essential that you keep getting new customers. The bigger your email list is the more chances of people your business can attract. The more people you persuade, the more revenue your brand can get. When attracting new customers, it is essential that you have an active email marketing strategy. In fact, according to, emails are 40 times more effective at acquiring new and lasting customers than the leading social media platforms – Twitter and Facebook.

Challenge: Increasing customer acquisition should be the same as raising customer engagement. The most significant challenge in gaining fresh customers is identifying your ideal customers and efficiently building your customer acquisition blueprint accordingly. Getting new customers is usually more expensive than keeping current ones. However, it is still crucial that you keep acquiring new and fresh customers for the growth and development of your brand.

Again, marketing automation can be useful for creating relevant funnels to help in nurturing prospects and leads into new customers. The ultimate goal of your customer acquisition should be to earn customers and eventually turn them into lasting ones who will constantly come back to purchase from you. These people also have the potential to become your most loyal followers and supporters.

Upgrading Customer Retention

Importance: Once you manage to acquire a new customer, your next challenge is attempting to retain this customer by establishing a mutual relationship that is beneficial for both sides. Once a customer starts trusting your company, they will eventually stick around and patronize your products or services.

Challenge: Customer retention is vital because much like customer acquisition, it also contributes to the total profit of your business. Also, it makes no sense to keep fishing for new customers if you can’t retain them. Once you successfully maintain your customers, they will then serve as your brand’s advocates and advertise your business to other people. Once customer loyalty has been established, business growth will eventually be attained. On the other end, if you’re constantly losing customers, your brand health will be affected in a significant way.

The best way to keep customers through effective email marketing strategies is by constantly creating unique and relevant content that is both highly customized and targeted to each of your customer’s needs. You can also utilize email marketing automation to deliver a customer satisfaction survey that will then be used to measure overall customer satisfaction promptly.

Again, the more knowledgeable you’re are of your target audience, the better chances of you retaining them and keeping them wanting more of what you can offer, which also translates to a healthier and prosperous business.

Enhancing Email Personalization

Importance: Personalizing your emails accordingly to each of your customers will go a long way in terms of keeping them engaged and wanting more from your business. Not incorporating email personalization will spell doom for your email marketing campaign. Your brand will struggle to acquire, engage, and retain customers if you do not send relevant emails.

Emails that feature a personalized subject line have a 26% open rate and achieve a respectable 760% growth in revenue. The more relatable your content, the more likely they will click and open your emails, which translates to a much higher CTR (click-through rate), making personalization an in-demand feature for your emails.

Challenge: Personalized emails often result in positive engagement. However, if your email personalization doesn’t have a scalable feature, your customer growth may remain stagnant. When talking about effective email personalization, the most effective tactics are the following:

  • List segmentation
  • Behaviour-triggering emails
  • Individualized email messaging

Promoting Brand Awareness

Importance: The awareness of your brand directly influences your target audience and your brand identity. An essential component of email marketing is figuring out the nature of your brand. Spreading messages about your brand will influence your brand perception and customer acquisition.

Effective brand awareness can improve the chances of your brand being the main priority once people start looking for your offers. As what was said earlier, customers commonly engage with businesses they trust. Obviously, the more positives you hear about a particular brand, the better chances of you trusting that brand. There is also a direct association between revenue and brand awareness.

Challenge: Among the challenges mentioned above, brand awareness is the most challenging data point to measure. Determining the number of people you’ll effectively reach if they fail to make any engagements on your site or content can be difficult. To conquer this challenge, you can edit your sign up page and add a field asking how did your prospects come to know about your company. Your brand can also make use of any marketing automation tool to assess where your current traffic comes from.


As you’ve probably noticed by now, all of these email marketing challenges and goals have a direct correlation. It’s going to be difficult to keep customers interested and engaged without having high-quality data points and email personalization strategies. It can also be difficult to acquire new customers if you’re unable to retain the existing ones. Knowing your ideal customers are, using data to establish segmented target customer lists and using your preferred marketing automation tool or CRM Singapore software to reach out to your customers in a personalized manner are all critical elements in every successful email marketing campaign. All of them needs to be considered and addressed to make the most out of your strategy.

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