5 Email personalization Techniques to Use in 2018

February 27, 2018 0 Comments

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re living in the era of digital marketing and email personalization. Unlike before, we now have a plethora of data at our disposal. However, the modern marketer doesn’t always make the most out of the opportunities that it provides. There are different email personalization techniques available, but some marketers have yet to tap into this potent marketing strategy.

Personalization Problems

A lot of businesses are still slacking off on taking up personalization. According to recent findings, the number of companies that genuinely personalize is down to only 5%. This statistic is a shockingly low figure, given the fact that email marketing has been the most dominant marketing strategy in the past decade.

So, with all that being said, why are we not taking advantage of personalization in our marketing strategies? Whatever it is, it certainly isn’t because of ignorance. As a matter of fact, surveys show that 94% of companies are saying that personalization is essential to current and future marketing success.

With ignorance out of the equation, the only possibility of our failures in utilizing personalization is that we just don’t seem to know how to personalize our emails. Among the 94% of companies, 60% admit their struggles with personalizing email content in real-time. It’s also clear that there are literal confusions on how to properly implement it.

Take Advantage of Email Personalization

When it comes to email personalization, the modern marketer doesn’t have to struggle. There are simple ways to use email personalization that go beyond using a name. To help you out, here are five ready-to-implement ways of using personalization that will help boost your email marketing campaign and improve conversion rates.

1.) Ask Only The Most Appropriate Questions

A simple and effective way to segment your customer list for personalization is to ask the right questions. Asking your customers the reason for them visiting your website, subscribing to your email newsletter, or even becoming a user is as easy as 1-2-3. However, it’s incredibly undervalued.

Asking the right questions will give you some insightful data that can lead to your business sending incredibly targeted emails to each of your recipients.

Don’t make things complicated. Just ask the most obvious questions on things you want to get from your audience. It can significantly help increase open and engagement rates since you can now send specific emails to each of your prospects and customers.

2.) Establish and Create Customer Personas

Segmentation is always a necessary component to add to your email marketing if you’re looking to boost your conversion rates. Segmenting your customers is a great strategy, but it can be taken even further using beneficial customer personas.

Customer personas are built by taking advantage of a large number of data. Instead of asking only one question, you can group the same type of customers together using a mixture of attributes and actions they take.

Grouping all of your customers into different personas will help you personalize a lot better and send more relevant emails to each of your recipients.

3.) Make Use of Time and Location

There will be a particular time when sending emails are more ideal than any other time of the day. Your customers might prefer receiving their emails at 9:00 A.M., or they might have higher chances of responding at 7:00 P.M.But either way, you’ve pretty much A/B tested your email marketing and have found the ideal time to send out your emails.

However, keep in mind that not all of your customers are in a single location or respond to emails at the same time. If your company caters to different people worldwide, chances are they may be scattered around the world, residing in different time zones, and are probably receiving your emails at the least favorable time for them.

To fix this issue, why don’t you make use of your customer’s data to send your emails at the best time? Work towards each of your customer data and determine their time zones and how it relates to yours. From there, work towards scheduling your emails accordingly to the best time. Doing so will guarantee that your open rates will increase.

4.) Create Automated Behavioral Trigger Emails

How your customers are using your product is their direct reaction to your behavior-triggered emails. Behavior-triggered email is a type of email that forces someone to make an action. For example, whenever an application emails you because you haven’t used it for a period of time, that’s called a behavior-triggered email. This strategy works amazingly well, and you should take advantage of it as much as you can.

According to statistics, trigger emails produce 155% higher open rates than traditional emails. They are extremely valuable and can convert random visitors into loyal, returning customers.

Trigger emails are personal by nature, and can also be automated to accomplish multiple actions:

  • Cross-selling & Up-selling
  • Welcoming
  • Re-engagement

In addition, you can also specialist tools that you can use for sending great trigger emails, like the following:

  • Intercom.io
  • Infusionsoft by Keap
  • SparkPage
  • GetVero.com
  • Moz

5.) Personalize your Business

Personalization has no limits. It doesn’t always have to be using your customer data. You can personalize your brand as well. Personalizing your business can incorporate a level of human connection between you and your customers.

Instead of sending your emails with the sender being your brand name, make it more personal by changing the sender into a name of someone on your marketing team. You can even go further by making your business a lot more informal and personal. Make your tone a lot more conversational by utilizing pronouns like “I” and “we.” They tend to make your emails seem like they are genuinely coming from an actual human being. Any person would love to respond to it.


Get started with email personalization now! As you can see from the five strategies given, personalization does work wonders. It can effectively get customers engaged with your business and can improve your email open and engagement rates. Whatever your business may be, try personalizing your emails now and enjoy the fantastic benefit that it provides.

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