an image banner that says 5 proven ways we can help increase your seminar turnout with logo and background of people in a meeting
an image banner that says 5 proven ways we can help increase your seminar turnout with logo and background of people in a meeting


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When asked, event organizers often say their turnout rates decreased. According to them, the reason is that competing organizers hold the same kind of seminars. Marketing events is a very profitable niche, and learning how to do it properly together with hard work will boost your income tenfold.

5 Marketing Event Tips To Increase Seminar Attendance

We confidently tell them that seminar saturation is not a problem at all. This blog covers the 5 marketing events tips on how to beat the competition and increase your seminar attendance.

1. Seminar Invites: Set yourself apart from your competitors.

Generic template invitations cause organizers think that the marketplace is saturated.

The majority of big event marketing companies use the same template-based emails. They have a ton of pre-made templates. What’s worse is that a lot of organizers wind up emailing everyone the exact same invites as their rivals!

When your newsletter has the same template like other organizers, it confuses the person, and they can’t tell them apart from one another.

Sending generic email templates reduces your trustworthiness and the recipient’s sense of seriousness to RSVP your event. They have actually gotten it a lot of times. They’re more likely to delete and expect to receive another email  , believing it’s all originating from someone– possibly not you!

A method to increase replies is to prevent the mass emailing of generic template invitations. Personalize your own email template suited to your target audience. Make one that suits your company if you desire to improve your turnout rates.

2. Make use of quality targeted email lists.

The 3 essential elements to succeed in any event marketing effort is: LISTS LISTS LISTS!

The quantity of people attending your seminar will highly depend on your gathered email lists. Think quality, the more targeted the list, the better.

You put effort into writing the best copy and designing the best ad creative. You also make sure that your discussion has a valuable and informative topic for your event. But, all those efforts are put to waste if the wrong people get your seminar invitations.

A lot of commonly found email list details like age, earnings, sales, workers, properties owned, are unreliable. These data differs greatly from different list sources. It’s best to generate email lists from multiple sources, and then consolidate the information. If you only rely on one source, this may cause your email list to have people who may not be interested in your event.

3. Verification Procedure and Appropriate Follow-up.

You want to invite participants to your event because you have intentions of establishing jointly beneficial and long-term partnerships. Also get to meet and familiarize the guests you invite.

The verification process starts at the initial contact you make with those who booked your seminar. This goes on until you get confirmation that prospects want to attend your event. During the initial contact, there a lot of opportunities for interaction. Make sure that your office commences the start of a good relationship. If you fail to follow up with a proper guest verification process, this can cost you up a decrease of 20% to 40% in seminar attendance rates.

I recommend that you interact with prospects at least 3 times before the seminar starts.

Interaction 1 – Make first call to thank the attendees for registering. You’ll verify the identities of all participants, date, time and the venue of the seminar. You’ll make sure they know how to get where you hold the seminar. Before the call ends, you should tell participants to anticipate for a call on the Friday before to the event. In making the succeeding call, let them know that these workshops are high demand with a waiting list. By verifying the second time you’re ensuring that everyone who wants to come will have a chance.

Interaction 2 – You should make the succeeding call on the Friday before the seminar starts. This another chance to personally interact with these potential participants, who may be converted to clients in the future.

Interaction 3 – The last interaction either takes place in the early hours or after lunch, the day right before the event. You have to confirm attendance again, as well as note their meal preference. This step generally improves the chances that those who booked come to attend. This is because you tell them that the chefs need exact counts for meals that you’ve already budgeted. They’re now aware you’re accountable for food regardless if they attend or not, therefore decreasing no-show rates.

4. Picking the Correct time and Place.

Timing is Critical.

It sounds like a really basic thing, however the timing of your seminar is critical to its success. By determining the schedule of intended prospects, you can conduct your event at the most convenient time. If scheduled right, it considerably increases your RSVP and seminar turnout rates.

Significance of Place

Think about a high-end restaurant that you can use to attract high-net-worth attendees. Bear in mind that the location you pick should be compatible to the class or demographics of your prospects. Many organizers forget the idea that they are also in partnership with the food business. If you want to attract higher net worth individuals, you should entice them with decent facilities.
Selecting a 5 star restaurant near the venue is what you need to drastically increase the number of high net worth attendees.  Always ensure that your venue is a place where these potential new clients would be comfortable. This factor alone can determine the success of the seminar!

5. Your Discussion is Bland.

Investments come in and out of favor as times change. Your seminar being an investment, can also come in an out of favor. This that means that you have to constantly update your seminar’s topics. The basis for past seminars are past knowledge, not that things have changed do you attendees a favor and do your research to come up with updated discussions. Marketing events is easy if you have a valuable topic that everyone wants to learn.

By changing you seminar’s key topic, you get to attract your past attendees. This is because everyone wants to learn new things. An important thing to remember is that your discussion should not be the same with your competitors.

Your keynote must always be relevant and timely. It should cover topics that participants take interest in. Too many seminar organizers make a blunder of being complacent with updating their topics. Organizers should always think about new ideas to add to their discussion. It’s a bad idea to present the same discussion you did last year to this year’s audience. You might miss the chance to attract a lot of participants if you fail to update your discussion.

If you want a consultation with Scale Up Marketing Asia, we can help you with event marketing/webinar ideas to help boost your attendance rates. Please call +65 3152 6827 and have a consultation with our consultants so he can help you today in order to get you started with overhauling your marketing events strategy.

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