5 Ways You Can Effectively Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

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Is your email marketing getting old and boring? Most of the time, what unsuccessful marketers do is send the same weekly or monthly email update to the same list of recipients. They’re not putting much effort or thought into their email subject lines. They barely even check their open and click rates, let alone spend some crucial time to try and improve them.

If all of this sounds natural to you, it’s probably because you’re doing the same thing to your email marketing campaign. But that doesn’t make you a lousy marketer — if you start making some changes NOW.

You’re not alone. It isn’t unusual for marketers to get in an email marketing decline given the number of tasks on their plates. However, with proper usage of effective strategies, one can improve their email marketing campaign and produce high amounts of open and engagement rates. To help marketers, jumpstart their email marketing efforts, we created a list of ways on how any marketer can just do that.

1.) Create a Swipe File

The most common mistake that most marketers commit is treating their customers like nameless people. Remedying this is easy since all you have to do is do some personalization.

Instead of sending generic emails to your customer list, segment your email list by using the feedback you get from people. That way, your customers can feel like you really know and care for them.

Alter the Sales Funnel depending on The Customer’s Journey

The first step that you should do to improve your email marketing campaign is creating an inbox swipe file. Setup is just a matter of creating a folder (on Gmail or directly on your personal inbox) and naming it “Swipe File.” The purpose of this folder is to store a collection of great ideas for your email marketing campaign.

What that means is that anytime you come across a great email subject line, a beautiful email template, great copy, or a good offer, simply add the email sample to your swipe file. Store as much as you can, and it won’t be long before you already have a good amount of inspiration to use when you’re working independently on your email campaign.

To make this strategy even more potent, categorize every message depending on how they caught your attention. For example, create a folder for”beautiful email templates,” or “attractive call to action phrases.” Don’t forget to call out the bad ones, so also create a folder entitled “Awful ideas.”

Another easy way to use your inbox to inspire you is tracking your own competitors. You can set up filters to organize the message automatically. You can also use other applications like Trello or Evernote.

2.) Determine every Customer Touch Point

Did you know that your customers and target audience can receive emails about you (and from you) that you didn’t even send? You might not have encountered this, but you will eventually. How is that even possible?

A lot of businesses utilize third-party applications to send transactional emails. This tactic will make sending out webinars, confirmations, and monthly transactional invoices a lot easier. However, keep in mind that it can also be a missed marketing opportunity for the brands being used. It can also be an adverse representation of your brand.

As a responsible marketer, you should be aware of this and avoid it as much as you can. Despite it getting the required job done, it’s a few seconds of your audience’s attention that you can never get back.

3.) Conduct An A/B Testing

Conducting a proper A/B test doesn’t require you to be tech-savvy. If data-driven email marketing strategies somehow intimidate you, start small and grow from there.

A simple email subject line A/B testing will provide you with some essential data for your next email, assuming you’re testing the two right things.Learning something takes more than just self-study and keen observation. It also takes guts, determination, and the willingness to go out of your comfort zone.

Sometimes doing your research before conducting an A/B test is much more beneficial. You’re probably aware about the benefits of shorter and more concise emails. This makes A/B testing a short subject line with a long one no longer necessary.

4.) Learn Better Copywriting Skills

Email marketing is a performance-based activity. The better you perform, the better your results are going to be. So with that being said, why aren’t you training to improve your copywriting skills?

One of the biggest mistake that most marketers make when managing their email marketing is not paying attention to producing high-quality copies.

Every type of marketing is centered around a marketers skill in executing effective communication. So whether you are composing your next email marketing campaign, or writing content for your blog article, excellent communication, and proper writing skills is the cornerstone of success.

Make an effort in composing good emails and your efforts will eventually result in higher open and engagement rates.

Here are a few useful writing tips that you can incorporate:

  • Make use of bullet points or sub-headers to break-up topics or different content.
  • Don’t force yourself. Take timely breaks, drink tea, and listen to some soothing music to refocus your thoughts.
  • Utilize different writing tools like Grammarly, Readability Score, iA Writer, and Mou.
  • Write every day. Never hesitate to write, even if it’s about your crazy ideas. One way to get used to writing great is writing consistently.

Whatever you do, always spend time perfecting your copywriting skills.

5.) Segment Your Email Lists.

This is probably the most important thing you should do to improve your email marketing campaign.Keep in mind that the people on your email list are not the same. They didn’t end up on your list the same way. Some are your past customers while others have just subscribed to your newsletters. Even if all of them have shown interest in the same product that you offer, these people have different needs. It’s about time you stop treating them all the same way.

If you haven’t tried segmenting your list before, you can start with categorizing basic groups, which would eventually lead to dynamic lists that will timely change based on user behavior.

Here are other ways you can do to start segmenting your list so you can send better, more engaging and more targeted emails:

  • Identify your best customers and keep them separated from the others.
    • The people on this list are your best buyers. They constantly purchase the things they need and aren’t hesitant to spend money on your brand. For that reason, it is your job to segment them first and make them even more engaged. Make sure these people are getting emails that are catered accordingly to their interest, instead of generic emails that you send to everybody else. All in all, you should make them special. These people want value, so don’t throw 10% discount coupons at them.
  • Identify the one who has never spent a single dime on your products.
    • The people belonging to this list are your potential leads, and you should treat them accordingly. These people are usually interested in informative emails with compelling CTAs and a value proposition that will keep them enticed for what you have to offer. With the right strategy, these people will eventually fall into your customer list.
  • Create a cold list and warm them up again.
    • There will always be instances where a customer list will go cold and will not open nor engage with your emails for extended periods of time. Identify these people and place them on a separate list. Also determine the reason why these people went cold, and try something new that will spark their interest in your brand again.


Just because your email marketing is going wrong doesn’t make you a bad marketer. Declines and shortcomings will eventually happen, no matter how good your email marketing already is. What separates good marketers from the bad ones is the former knows how to adjust and adapt to new strategies to improve their email campaigns and make it relevant again. Hopefully, these five email marketing strategies will help you get your email campaign back in excellent shape.

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