Boost Your Online Marketing! 5 Practical Strategies For Driving Leads & Doubling Your Profit

February 19, 2018 0 Comments

For digital marketers, choosing the best strategy can help you drive leads, boost profit, and dominate your competition. However, in an overcrowded market, how can you possibly cut through the millions of people who are also trying their best to make a sale and raise their overall revenue?

While other people are struggling to get their online marketing, some have managed to double their profits and increase their revenue online without much issue. How do these people do it? The obvious answer would be utilizing the right information. But it doesn’t stop there. They also employ proven strategies that help drive leads and gain twice as much profit.

To help you improve your online marketing campaign, here are five strategies that most top marketers use to drive leads, and gain massive amounts of revenue for their client and company.

1.) Remove Non-buyers from Your Customer Targeting System

As businesses, we all have our own versions of customer targeting strategy. The purpose is to garner a lot of potential buyers who are willing to purchase from your brand. In that sense, not filtering your customers will not give you’re the results you need. To get the most out of your customer targeting system, eliminate the non-buyers from your target. According to the famed market pyramid by renowned marketing consultant, Chet Holmes, “only three percent are willing to make a purchase immediately after they’ve been presented with a product.” This concept means spending on the remaining 97 percent will be a complete waste. Instead of entertaining everyone, give value to only the ones who truly matter: the sure buyers.

The go-to ad platform on the internet, Google AdWords, don’t even have a feature that filters these non-buyers out, forcing marketers to leave their money on the line and rely on the standard pay-per-click system. Stop depending on this approach and use precision targeting instead. This method will allow you to identify people who are well-positioned and ready to buy.

Just think about it – if you already know your ideal targets, spending $10 on your hard earned cash on Google just for a single click will no longer be necessary. There are different ways you can do to reach someone when you already know who they are. You can either place your offer on the Google Display Network or send a postcard to your prospects.

2.) Take Advantage of Closed-Loop Reporting

Choose closed-loop reporting to influence sales and get the job done. There are different platforms that you can use to present metrics on a consumer’s browsing history effectively. These platforms help determine where they found our ad and how it has influenced their decision to make a purchase.

Closed-loop reporting enables cookies and other tracking codes to be used to recognize specific visitors. These codes will then be used to mark the page where your visitors encounter your ad and how that interaction triggered a sale.

Always keep in mind that you can’t manage what you can’t measure. So by utilizing closed-loop reporting, you will be able to measure different possibilities of success and effectively manage your business altogether.

2. Create Eye-catching Headlines

A lot of people, overlook the importance of headlines. However, your headline is just as important as your entire content. Stop undervaluing the potential of a compelling headline. Write headlines that spark interest among your potential readers. Tell them what they’re going to get when they read further your content and don’t forget to incorporate rich keywords. In addition to your headline, also make sure that your meta descriptions can also elaborate your article. Always bear in mind that your title, headline, and meta description are are the ones that show up in the search results, so you should also make them count.

3.) Adopt People-based Marketing

Using people-based marketing will enable you to identify the name of the customer you’re currently dealing with. Some if not most of the website traffic is composed of anonymous people, along with bots and scammers. With people-based marketing, you can track channels to ensure that your ad is getting delivered to real people.

To not waste your time reaching out, ensure that you are communicating with a real client. If you want real results, verify first if the people you’re currently targeting is, in fact, an actual person.

4.) Anticipate An Effective Path-to-purchase Method

Knowing the legitimacy of the customers you’re targeting isn’t enough. You should also analyze the data they’ve provided. Doing so will enable you to predict their next moves accurately. You can generate as many potential buyers as you can into your system. But make sure you examine all of their various online behaviors they make before making a purchase. Their searches will leave relevant footprints. Follow their trail and connect everything along the way.

When you analyze data, focus more on the different signals that potential customers give off before they buy. Put the pieces together, and you will be able to create strategies that go in line with their buying behavior.

5. Advertise and Promote Across Different Channels.

Once you manage to target the ideal client, the next things you need to do is to reach them out across various channels. Instead of just pouring all of your money on Google AdWords alone, spread your budget on different marketing channels like content management and social media marketing. Take advantage of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Emails, or even personal phone calls. There are different avenues for advertising and promotion. Instead of using the best channels, use all channels available and become virtually omnipresent.

Once a potential buyer sees you everywhere on the internet, they are more than likely to buy from you. Makes a lot of sense, right?


With the right strategy, you can make the most out of your online marketing campaign. These five strategies will allow you to manage your online marketing at a meager price with your ads. Since your ad cost is low and your frequency is why you can convince your customers that you have a much better offer than your competitors. Set the buying criteria and smartly drive profitable sales.

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