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header image of the blog title "Marketing Automation Strategy 7 Tips To Improve Your Customer Data Management" with a background of shaking hands and wall of faces behind it

7 Tips To Improve Your Customer Data Management

March 9, 2018 0 Comments

In today’s online-oriented marketing landscape, customer data management is a sizzling subject that is often discussed and debated. Most online marketers would agree that customer data is the most valuable asset in the business world today. For that reason, it should be managed and protected as much as possible.

As a marketer, modern marketing is all about managing large numbers of information. Success is measured by how you can effectively handle this information effectively. However, it hasn’t been adequately taken care of by some companies. According to experts, customer data management is one of the most tedious and challenging tasks needs to be fulfilled. The level of difficulty that it presents is one of the reasons why marketers are carelessly handling their customer data and then losing it in the process.

Thorough control of your customer data isn’t an impossible and unreachable assignment. With a little effort and forethought, you, your sales team (if you have one), and your company as a whole can become smart and responsible in customer data management.

7 Tips To Lead Effectively and Control your Customer Data With Customer Data Management

1.) Gather Customer Information With Ethics In Mind

Trust is an essential factor in building a relationship with your customers and leads. To get the most amount of customers, you should make sure that your target audience finds your brand trustworthy and reliable. To earn that trust, however, your brand needs to be transparent when it comes to data collection. If you keep your customers shelved and covered in the shadows, they will feel betrayed. It will then indicate that you haven’t done enough to entice them by your brand. Because trust is no longer there, they will eventually leave and may never return. To hide all of your bases, you need to create a privacy policy, which will then be used and displayed on your official website and other online properties that you own.

2.) Determine What Data You Really Need

Incorporating a transparent method on your customer data collection may force you to trim down on some unnecessary data fields. You should always choose only to gather the ones that truly matter. Only collect data that your brand really needs just to close sales and get contact with your customers. A more direct sales process results in lower overhead and an improvement in your company’s overall financial stability. If you are obtaining customer data using marketing automation tools like Infusionsoft by Keap, it would be more effective if you only consider the information that you truly need. Think it out thoroughly and ask yourself, “do I need the email address, the phone number, or both?”

3.) Incorporate Intelligent CRM Storage

If you are someone who takes data seriously, you should make use of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. This software is programmed to make collecting and organizing data safe, secure, and super easy. Using CRM Singapore tools like Infusionsoft by Keap will grant you access to options like customizing your data fields and have a precise image of the customer information that you need the most. Basically, tools like Infusionsoft by Keap is useful since it offers a responsible data ownership feature.

4.) Always Place Security On Top Of Your Priorities

You might think that gathering data from your customers should be on top of your priority list. But keep in mind that securing the data that you gather is just as important. When collecting personal information from your customers, you must ensure the safety and security of these data. From their mobile numbers and email addresses, make an effort in keeping them safe and secure. Protection and Security are two powerful features that will drive your customers and leads to trust your brand. Just imagine the amount of shame and embarrassment you get if your company would get involved in a security issue. It will almost always guarantee a sudden decrease in customer confidence and a significant hit to your company’s reputation, and revenue.

Don’t let this shameful thing happen to your business. Consider every option you need to keep and maintain customer data secured every time. If that means you should invest in an expensive tool but can – a hundred percent – guarantee the safety of your customer data, then consider it a smart and well-spent purchase.

5.) Being Redundant is Necessary

In many areas, redundancy is viewed as a negative approach and should be avoided as much as possible. But in customer data management, being redundant is actually considered a good thing that every marketer should take advantage. Redundancy in customer data means having multiple well-protected backups of every single customer information that you have. When problems arise, you can still have access to all of your gathered data. A company with the ideal backup strategy will always keep its customer data secured and protected, making your business a trustworthy and reliable business partner.

6.) Train Your Team

As a marketer, you always have unique and innovative ideas about how to obtain and secure your customer data. However, it really won’t mean much if the rest of your team fails to put them into effect. For this reason, consider spending some time on training and educating your employees. Let them know about your plans and also hear them out on what they have to say about it. You can even get some valuable ideas by hearing the opinions and ideas of your team.

7.) Consider The Ways Of Accessing Your Data

Once you have established a solid strategy for gathering and protecting data across your entire company, the final step is to identify ways on how to make your customer intel available whenever and whenever you need it. Gaining access to your customer data is going to be the time where your chosen CRM starts making significant impacts on your marketing operations. Once you’ve managed to establish a stable customer list, you would then want to access that data any time of the day, and at any place, you will go. CRM tools like Infusionsoft by Keap CRM Software is ideal for any marketer who constantly gathers vast amounts of customer data since you can take it with you wherever you may go.


Gathering and managing customer data isn’t rocket science. It is doable and can even be easy to execute once you have the right tools and the right strategies to use. These seven tips will help you establish a firm foundation that not only gathers data but secures it as well.


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