header image of the blog title "The Importance of CRM Data Management In Your Business" with an overhead shot of a man and a woman in front of him typing something on a laptop
header image of the blog title "The Importance of CRM Data Management In Your Business" with an overhead shot of a man and a woman in front of him typing something on a laptop

Got Stuck? Try These Tips To Streamline Your CRM Data Management

March 12, 2018 0 Comments

Businesses need CRM data management to get a grasp of customers’ preferences and behaviors. Customer data is one of the most important factors in digital marketing. These data include mostly personal information, purchase behaviors, personal preferences and other relevant information that may help businesses organize their customers.

There are also other data that can be collected from your customers that does not imply their needs but can still improve your insight about customer segments. Some examples are your customer’s behavior when they are visiting your site – the pages they click on, newsletters and emails they subscribe to. These can help you develop a remarkable insight into the aspects of your online service and presence that actually converts leads into actual customers.

So, how can you manage all these data?

This article will tell you some tips for effective customer data management which will help you in improving your services to increase revenue and grow your company.

What is Customer Data Management and Why is it important?

Before jumping to the tips that will help you in CRM data management, you first need to understand the meaning of Customer Data Management and why does your business need it.

Customer Data Management is the process of organizing all the data that you have gathered from your customers via different methods. These data will be used for different purposes such as gaining feedback from your customers and analyzing what marketing strategies to use according to their level of relationship with your business. Effective data management ensures fast customer issue resolution which results in higher customer satisfaction and better customer retention.

Customer Relationship Management or CRM tools can be easily crowded with data, many of which can be dense and obsolete. Since data from customers can change, like addresses and phone numbers, it can populate and disrupt the system. Not only that, efforts can go in vain – wrong phone calls, and emails directed to false IDs.

Ways To Solve Common Problems of CRM Data Management

1.) Automate your system

We have come to the digital age where using keyboards to input data seems like a tedious job. Your CRM system is only as good as the customer data you enter. A lot of people use the internet every day, and having your employees input CRM data manually will increase the possibility of error and inaccuracy. Imagine the amount of data that needs to be entered and updated every day, how much time do you need to get these to your system? Data management is also a very time-consuming process.

sideview of a right hand trying to type on a screen, this is an example of automate crm data management software
Tips To Streamline Your CRM Data Management – Automate Your System

Automated data entry will minimize risks of incomplete data and waste of significant time. Data acquired from different sources can be managed with a single platform. Extracted data need not be inputted manually, but instead, employees just need to validate the data and efficiently use the system.

2.) Decide and prioritize

a man wearing black sweatshirt sticking papers on a white wall, this is an example of deciding and prioritizing for customer retention
Tips To Streamline Your CRM Data Management – Decide and Prioritize

Not all data are relevant to your customer retention. Just as your customers are at different levels of the buyer’s funnel, various data can be collected. If you are unsure which data is relevant, evaluate your customer segments. Stick to the essentials and ignore data that can cause clutter and may slow the system down. Classify which fields to give importance to, fill these fields out and make sure that these fields are complete. Ask yourself these questions: What data structure do I need? What fields are necessary? How can relate projects and opportunities to my contacts?

3.) Declutter and Trash out

Imagine a garbage bin not emptied for a month..pretty nasty, isn’t it?

an overhead shot of a trash bin with yellow crumpled papers inside it, this is an example of declutter and trash out crm software data
Tips To Streamline Your CRM Data Management – Declutter and Trash Out

CRM software allows you to store as many data as you want, enabling you to create a dump. Even if you’ve already decided what data is relevant and you have already automated your system, there is still chance of duplicate, unnecessary and invalid data being stored. Customers change personal information, preferences, and behavior over time. Make sure your system is updated with the fields that have been altered over the passage of time. Make sure you keep up with your customers. It will always be necessary to declutter data and clean data regularly.

4.) Update your database

an over-the-shoulder shot of a person writing code on a laptop, this is an example of updating the customer management software
Tips To Streamline Your CRM Data Management – Update Your Database

Data extracted from customers will become relevant for a certain period of time. You might end up adding data you don’t need no matter how hard you try to fill only the significant fields. It is therefore important to update your CRM database. Businesses need a routinary update of data to ensure effective sales and marketing campaign. Many CRM software automatically disregard duplicated data to allow easier declutter and update. If yours doesn’t, install a third party solution to do the de-duplication process.

5.) Keep track of your “Last Review Data” feature

a person making a checklist in a notebook, this is an example of keeping track customer data
Tips To Streamline Your CRM Data Management – Keep Track of your “Last Data Review” Feature

You can add a “last reviewed” feature for your CRM data management system to help in keeping track of the updates that have been done to the system and which data has been recently added to your database.

6.) Enrich data

over-the-shoulder shot of a person holding a tablet with business data on its screen, this is an example of keeping track of changes of customer data management software
Tips To Streamline Your CRM Data Management – Enrich Data

With data enrichment tools, companies with CRM are able to scan the web and get updated information about customers and prospects. These tools will help in getting accurate and newer data for more efficient marketing and sales campaign. To keep track of changes, companies may explore different sources such as social media and emails for updated customer information.

7.) Ensure training plans

front shot of a woman wearing corporate attire talking to the girls in front of her, this is an example of training plans for customer retention
Tips To Streamline Your CRM Data Management – Ensure Training Plans

Employee education is vital in implementing CRM. It is one of the elements to keep the system running smoothly. Set and explain customer capture processes then introduce and explain them to your staff. Stress the importance of clean and complete customer data for the efficacy of your CRM system. Focus on training your employees to make use of your CRM system continuously.

Like all other things, no CRM is perfect. There will always be outdated customer information on your system. Your CRM design can still be improved. With this tips, you can improve your CRM data management and use it to direct your business up the ladder of success.

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