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How Marketing Funnel Helps Improve Your Email Marketing
header image of the blog title "Marketing Funnel: AWay To Improve Your Email Marketing" with a background of a laptop and a hand holding a newspaper on a wooden table
header image of the blog title "Marketing Funnel: AWay To Improve Your Email Marketing" with a background of a laptop and a hand holding a newspaper on a wooden table

Marketing Funnel: A way to Improve Your Email Marketing

April 3, 2018 0 Comments

Creating and designing a convincing email series is hard. You could fill it with all the staggering benefits your product have but it could still get rejected. A question of ‘Why’ starts to linger on your mind. Well, here’s the thing. No matter how amazing your email series is, it will definitely get rejected if your prospect is not yet sales-ready. This is where marketing funnel enters. You see, Marketing Funnel is a model that represents the buyers’ journey from being a prospect to an advocate.

The model looks like a funnel. The opening represents the customers’ awareness. After being aware, consideration comes after. Then comes conversion, followed by loyalty and at the tip of the funnel, comes advocacy.

You might have been familiar with this model of marketing funnel and might have used this funnel. But right now, let’s forget about that. That version of marketing funnel requires you to continuously fill the opening of the funnel with as many people as possible.

Only a few percentages of customers get to be filtered out. For a small amount of percentage, that’s pretty tiring. After that, you go back on finding more pre-customers.
We have a recommendation for you, a new marketing funnel that looks like a bow tie, wide on both sides and narrow in the middle. So instead of leaving the leads at the narrow end of your funnel, you should continue to open them up.

Lead nurturing is important because this will deepen the relationship between you and your customers. You can even get feedbacks from these customers which can be useful for your marketing funnel.

Profits will rise as the customer’s relationship with a company lengthens, as stated by Harvard Business Review. This means that your customer will start recommending your product and services to their friends and family. This is why you should advance your subscribers to the advocacy stage of the funnel. It is when your monetization efforts begin to measure.

Email Automation makes email marketing easier than ever. Helping you guide your buyers journey towards advocacy. The marketing automation feature allows you to give your subscriber the content and information or products they need, when they need it the most, personalizing their experience in all areas of the funnel. Your lead scoring becomes better as your lead advances further to the funnel.

If that confused you, let me elaborate further how email marketing can help you in the stages of the marketing funnel.

Take your prospects from Awareness to Advocacy using these 5 Marketing Strategies

1. Awareness

In this stage, you and your prospects are still strangers. This means you should get your prospect customer to know your company.

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will come in handy during this stage. CRM Singapore system helps your company in storing your prospects’ and customers contact information, accounts, sales opportunities and leads in one location. It acts like a cloud where information is stored and is accessible in real time.

Do not to give your leads details about your products yet. It’s too early for that. During this stage, the prospects do not care about your products. What they want to know is that whether your company could be trusted or not.

Email them something your prospects could relate to. Give them something that could catch their attention.

2. Consideration

Now, your lead is aware of your company. Your lead is ready to be introduced to your product and services. But do not overwhelm them. Do not give them too much information about your product and services yet. Make sure your lead nurturing does not come in too strong. It will scare your leads away. Just give them enough information to keep them interested.

Email your leads a product-specific content that is custom-made for them. This way, your lead could relate to your product and services.

3. Conversion

This is the perfect time to show your product and services off to your customers. Your lead is now ready to learn more about your product and services. You can email them discounts and promotions to convince them to purchase and avail your services.

You can opt to invite them to a sales webinar where you can tell them the benefits. Or you can create an automated email that each describes the benefits of your product or services.

Make a them need your product and services. But keep in mind to take things moderately. Do not overwhelm them with sales calls and sales assets.

4. Loyalty

Now that your prospect has become a customer, you can start congratulating yourself for arriving this far. But the work does not end there.

Developing the customer’s loyalty is important because long-time customers and repeat-customers are too valuable to lose. Treat them like a fried and stay connected with them.

Keep in touch by sending them helpful and relevant information.
Make them want to continue to buy your products or avail their services.

5. Advocacy

Things are starting to get brighter, your one-time customers has become a repeat-customers. You did lead nurturing right. Your customers have become your fans. This because you have stayed connected with them.

Bringing your leads to this part of your marketing funnel is extremely valuable. They will refer you to their friends and family. Marketing referral is the most effective marketing.

This is where you can get feedback that can help you improve your marketing funnel. Make them feel special. Interact with your advocate. Share their posts on social media. You can also reply to their emails and messages personally. Offer incentives whenever they write reviews and made personal referrals.

Start developing your own email strategy using the marketing funnel. Doing this will convert more prospects into customers into fans. More fans mean more money for your business.

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