blog title"Personalization: Taking Your Email Marketing To the Next Level" with a header of three person making thumbs up
blog title"Personalization: Taking Your Email Marketing To the Next Level" with a header of three person making thumbs up

Personalization: Taking Your Email Marketing To the Next Level

March 20, 2018 0 Comments

Exclusivity is fascinating. You feel so special when you have something nobody else does. This is the secret to successful email marketing. Customer relationship through email marketing is just like any other relationships; it needs proper nurture and care in order to flourish. As cheesy as it may sound, but love letters are still appreciated. It gives the impression that you actually made an effort to channel your special feelings for the person through the message you made.

Same is true in personalizing your email marketing strategies. It is a way to make your customers feel special by making your email sound like you are speaking to them personally.

How can you personalize your emails?

Personalization creates a dramatic impact on the conversion of your prospects. But how can you do these? You make use of your email listings and the data in your CRM. Data from your customers – demographics, interests, preferences and behaviors – can be used to catch your prospects attention through your content strategies. After a customer has made his/her first purchase, you can also do follow-ups to extract more information about him/her that you can use in your future contents for it to be more targeted.

Then proceed with strategies to add a personal touch to your emails. Here are few ones:

“Happy birthday to you!”
Your CRM data should contain your customers’ birthdates. Use automated but personalized email to send them special offers and discounts during their birthdays to make them feel remembered and appreciated. A happy birthday, indeed!

Meet or exceed expectations.
Deliver services on time just as your customer expected it. Then add an element to exceed their expectations. Focus on their desires rather than on their requests. Also, be open to suggestions and feedback for improvements.

“You’re in for a surprise!”
Send personalized email during off-seasons like sometime in May or October when your emails are less expected. Surprise your prospects every once in a while with an unexpected discount or promotion. You can still make use of an automated email marketing campaign to do this to keep impressing your customers while earning new ones.

Reward loyalty.
Creating a loyalty reward system is a win-win situation for both you and your customers; they get rewards for their loyalty, like an insider-only discount or a little token of appreciation. I return, you get to track their purchases and easily collect more information about them. This information will enable you to showcase buying patterns and strategize cost-effective ads. Loyal customers create a significant impact on your revenues. And, they might be the ones to advocate your brand to new prospects. Value new customers and take care of loyal ones.

Keep in touch.
Never ignore your prospects’ silence. Be sure to keep in touch with them through your emails or you can call them and check how they are doing. These will help you build trust with your customers and make them feel that they actually matter to you.


There’s no harm in personalizing your email and it sure pays to do so. A little effort goes a long way – you just might get more opened emails, clicks and more purchases. You just have to keep track, apply strategies, create the right contents of emails and send them to the right prospects at the right time.

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