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header image of the blog title "PROGRESSIVE PROFILING THAT BOOSTS MARKETING AUTOMATION STRATEGY" with a background of woman wearing corporate attire and a graph depicting an increase using an arrow

Progressive Profiling That Boosts Marketing Automation Strategy

March 6, 2018 0 Comments

Today’s marketing landscape features a multitude of different strategies for attracting people and increasing sales and revenue. If you are looking to take your marketing automation to the next level and gain a lot of potential leads, you need a progressive profiling strategy to pair with your marketing automation blueprint. It’s a seldom-used but super-effective way of acquiring a lot of leads and increasing your conversion rates.

What is Progressive Profiling?

Progressive profiling is a lot like real-life dating. When you’re on your very first date with someone you barely knew, you’re likely to make your date incredibly uncomfortable when you start asking about their previous romances. In a similar fashion, asking a lead too many questions on their first visit will have them bounce away from your offer.

Using progressive profiling, you can gradually gain lead information while still improving your lead conversions because your leads are not turned off by the amount of information that they are asked to provide. Keep in mind that the more form fields you ask your lead to fill out, the more likely that they are going to reject your offer and bounce to another website with lesser forms.

In the same manner, you shouldn’t ask your leads for all the information you want in a single form. Back to dating, you should progressively learn more about your date instead of asking them all out about the thought you have about them. With progressive profiling, you will get to know more about a lead without them leaving your site sooner than what was expected. Be mindful and only ask relevant questions that will relate to your offer.

Why is Progressive Profiling Very Effective?

Needless to say, progressive profiling is an amazing strategy that can be used alongside marketing automation. However, despite its effectiveness in gathering a lot of leads, it has just barely reached mainstream marketing. It hasn’t been utilized that much and is just gaining attention from business who are looking to take a different path on their online marketing campaign. However, it pays to know that progressive profiling can help your form fields recognize a prospect and ask questions that haven’t already been asked.

To make things worse, most marketing automation tools that marketers use today are not equipped with progressive profiling. However, there will come a time where all marketing automation tools will have this feature. But currently, progressive profiling is reserved exclusively for advanced marketing automation tools like Infusionsoft by Keap and Marketo.

Elements of Effective Progressive Profiling

Aside from that, progressive profiling also requires a certain level of expertise to properly set up, depending on which tool you are using. This article will help you in determining whether using this marketing feature will help you boost your conversion rates or not. The following are the fundamentals of progressive profiling:

Shorter, more concise Forms

Always keep in mind that in the world of online marketing, the shorter form will always have the higher engagement rates. This is a pretty logical analysis that doesn’t need further research to confirm. The question will then shift to how do you know which ones you’re going to ask? Or how exactly are your going to ask those questions? These questions can all be answered by using progressive profiling on your landing pages.

So each time a people visit your landing page, they will be asked a few relevant questions. These question will depend mainly on what you already know about each person.

Good Questions

Progressive profiling will only work if you have a firm understanding of the relevant questions that you’re going to ask your target audience. To give you a head start, here are some excellent questions to ask and some bad ones to avoid:

  • First Name

    The very first question you need to ask your leads is their first name only. Never consider asking or their full name until these leads successfully pass to become sales. You’re not using their last names in any communication anyway so asking for their full name head-on is not going to be necessary until they finally decide to convert.

  • Email Address

    Requesting for their email address is the only significant question that you should ask them. This will ensure that you can add them to your newsletter for updates on your brand. You also need to make sure that the email they’ve provided is legit and is, in fact, their real emails. Otherwise, you will be sent to a fake or non-existent email address.

  • Special Questions

    If you are looking for answers to a specific question, yet you can’t get from a data vendor, you need to ask your prospects right away. Also, consider not making them mandatory, or don’t force your leads to answer the question even though they don’t want to.

  • Bad Questions

    A question can be categorized as bad if it is asking for and information your lead does not want to provide. This would include their phone number or their physical address. People also tend to dislike any question that is made mandatory. People like to answer question freely and without having the obligations to do so. If you demand a particular field in your form to be filled, chances are people will lie just to get by that obstacle. Keep in mind that storing bad data will only hurt your marketing efforts in the long run.

Keep in mind that progressive profiling is formulated for everyone to take advantage of. However, only a few can properly execute it to perfection. It can be daunting, but the results are going to make you regret why you didn’t go for progressive profiling earlier. Progressive profiling is an ideal way to acquire and grow your leads. It is still an untapped method that only a few marketers utilize to full effect. Your progressive profiling will look a lot different to each prospect but will give you the best chances at having people filling out your forms and converting into potential customers.

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