The Top 3 Benefits of Email Marketing Automation That Every Company Should Know

February 13, 2018 0 Comments

As technological advancements keep on coming, more and more companies have come to know the different benefits of email marketing automation. According to Econsultancy, the number of companies that state their awareness of marketing automation has risen by 10 to 90 percent. The state of email marketing is not the same as what it was five years ago. Today, we see widespread use of various marketing automation software. But are these companies genuinely aware of the benefits of marketing automation? Is there really a difference between automating and the traditional approach?

1.) Generates Better Quality Leads.

Getting people to engage and get interested in your business through effective lead generation is great. However, unless those people are actually interested in buying or acquiring your offer, it’s really not going to do any good to your business in the long run. What you need to be doing is reaching out to your prospects at the right time when they’ve expressed interest in your newsletter, well-engaged in your blog posts, and are 100% going to make a purchase. This is where marketing automation comes useful. A legitimate marketing automation software can help you reach out to different people at the right moment in the sales funnel. Instead of just random email addresses, you are actually working with more targeted leads that have high chances of converting.

2.) Helps Avoid Human Error

Arguably one of the most common reasons why most CMOs use email marketing automation is the opportunity to avoid human mistakes. We all know that no one is perfect – people make mistakes, which is unacceptable if you are looking to establish the most effective email marketing strategy. A simple mistake can set you back by a lot and can even hard the image of your brand. These mistakes range from committing errors with spelling and punctuation that can potentially change the entire meaning of a message, to sending your email to the wrong person. With marketing automation, you can guarantee that the software you are going to use will not commit the same kind of mistake that humans do.Using an email marketing software ensures that you are not going to make silly mistakes that can potentially have significant and disastrous implications.

3.) Decreases Lead Conversion Time

The time it will take for you to convert a lead is crucial. When a person expresses interest in your brand and showing signs that they are interested in making a purchase, you need to respond to them right away. The gap must not be long as it can potentially result in a lost lead. If you are looking to decrease the amount of time it will take for you to convert leads, relying on marketing automation software can truly be convenient. One of the best advantages of email marketing automation is that it can turn prospects into loyal, paying customers a lot more quickly. According to social media and conversions company, Thomson Reuters, the leads that went through their marketing automation system were converted 72% more compared to the traditional approach.


It pays to know that the marketing automation software you are using does have a purpose and can bring you better results compared to the traditional way of email marketing. Most marketing automation software can manage your marketing campaigns successfully. These three serves as the most common benefits of email marketing that everyone should be aware of. Different other benefits were not mentioned in this article.

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