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Right Strategy, Relevant Timely Content, Lead Generation

Marketing Hourglass

Understanding your customer’s buying
journey is essential to understanding how to
attract and serve your ideal clients. The
Marketing Hourglass is a unique framework
that you can use to create your overarching
marketing strategy.

Demand Generation

Using planned Contact delivered via multiple
platform, Your business can generate
consistent leads from both on and off-line
sources. With nurturing, get prospects more
interested about your solution, and qualifying
them before handling off sales for the close.

Track, Measure, Plan, Do

Improve Your marketing with by measuring
key metrics in your business like number of
leads, conversion rates, campaign ROI, so you
know what’s working and what’s
not and can go to work on getting better results.


Need help in your Marketing? We have 3 types of Services below:


Build a Strategic Plan


Duct tape Marketing consultancy focuses on finding the core difference of your clients and using it to provide differentiation in their industry.The outcome in their package provides your business with a strategic marketing plan for increasing leads. Find Out More


(1-to-1) or group


Duct tape Marketing System coaching package provides marketing guidance for companies who need an extra boost in a strategic direction. It is designed to add focus to a marketing person to add focus to a marketing person or team and essential training to create a complete do-it-yourself marketing plan. Find Out More


Do-It-For-You Jump Start


The Duct Tape Marketing Service Jump-Start program is an outsourced managed marketing service,designed to quickly get your business more exposure, more leads, level of offerings way according to your business's stage. Find Out More
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Nurture Prospects             Get Referrals

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