Moving on from our Duct Tape Marketing Consultancy Engagement, the Duct Tape Marketing (Done-for-you)
Managed services is designed to help your business get more exposure, more traction and ultimately more leads.
The central building block of these programs is the creation of a modern marketing website. From this foundation
element we will begin to create Marketing assets such as content, social media engagement, Marketing materials
and the necessary function to attract and convert leads to customers.

The engagement is for a period of one year. At the end of which we hope to equip your internal resource to project manage what we have setup for you; you may then choose to engage our Coaching program for monthly project manage what we have setup for you. you may then choose to engage our Coaching program for monthly status sessions and quartely planning sessions.

What will we be doing do this done-for-you Engagement? We will in-source or project manage for your business including the following areas:

  1. Websites/Landing page conversion Optimization or Re-Design
  2. Local search Engine Optimization
  3. Content Development & Content Marketing
  4. Forums/Social Media posting & Engagement
  5. Create and Manage Lead Generation/Conversion plan
  6. Create and Manage client Referral program
  7. Public Relations & Influencer Marketing

Website/Landing page Conversion Optimization or Re-Design

  • Design or redesign full WordPress site – Includes design, core pages
    and content, lead capture landing pages and blog set-up. Also, includes ongoing maintenance and changes.

Content Development & Content Marketing

  • Write and post 2-4 blog submission per month – Four 500-700 word blog posts taken from key content themes, posted to WordPress and optimized for search engines
  • Create & Distribute different media from blog content – Videos, Podcast, Infographics, Slides and distribute to your Youtube Channel, Pinterest, Podcasting sites, Slideshare etc.
  • Create Lead Capture tools – Quarterly eBook,White paper infographic or checklist to use in lead capture efforts.

Forums/Social Media posting & Engagement

  • Publish 50-100 social media updates across Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin per month Handcrafted post taken from client’s content, list of industry influencers and proven engagement tactics to stimulates social media growth, activity and engagement.
  • Manage social media engagement – engage fans and followers on your behalf. Create campaigns for engagement.
  • Forum/Blog Engagement – Crawl related forums for opportunities to comment, respond to mentions of your brand with canned responses, escalating those that need your personal attention.

Create and manage Lead Generation/Conversion plan

  • Online paid Ads – We will in-source,out-source or work with your preferred vendors on online advertising platforms that can target at your ideal customers effectively: Facebook, GoogleAds, BingAds, LinkedIn.
  • Lead Development via LinkedIn for B2B – Provide resources to do lead development on LinkedIn to target at your ideal customer profiles.
  • Lead conversion system – Develop sales process based on overall marketing strategy Likely to involve setting up outsourced outbound team or inbound lead development specialists.
  • Create and manage email marketing campaigns – Write and create lead capture campaigns, follow-up autoresponder campaigns and sales campaigns.
  • Marketing Automation & Data Analytics – Integrate Marketing & Sales Processes: Lead scoring Marketing ROI reporting, Conversion Statistics, sales Funnel Reports

Create and Manage client Referral program

  • Client Referral System – Develop and manage the referral program based on the customer’s Journey and the Marketing Hourglass Framework
  • Partner Referral System – Business Development to create opportunities to meet potential referral partners.

Public Relations & Influencer Marketing

  • Create influencer list – Build journalist,competition and customer lists
    and alerts to include guest content opportunities and outreach for link building and PR purposes.
  • Create guest content opportunities – From influence list conduct monthly outreach to find guest bloggers and opportunities to contribute to other blogs and new sites.
  • Create a publish podcast/Webinar – Create and install process for interviews with clients, influencers and other guests.

Are you interested?


  • With Infusionsoft, we get about 80% show up rate for appointments, compared to less than 30% before this. Imagine how much sales opportunities we have missed before this! by over 500%. That's some serious marketing automation at work!
    Joseph Chng
    Joseph ChngMind Transformations Pte Ltd
  • We were able to implement time-saving procedures that were automated to chase customers for data, as well as manage leads so that sales can grow. We also liked the implementation of referral system to reward contacts that refer their friends resulting in more leads generated.
    Dainial Lim
    Dainial LimCaymon Group Holdings
  • With Infusionsoft and Scale Up Marketing we managed to: save 12 man hours a week in event management, returning unnecessary calls, generating sales reports that we used to do manually, improved event turnout rates by 21% and improved 37% of closing rate, by targeting at the non-buyers after previews with nurturing campaigns.
    Dev Sonia, Coach Dave
    Dev Sonia, Coach DaveSuperChampz

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