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Stabilize Your Marketing Strategy With Our Duct Tape Marketing System

Duct Tape Marketing

duct tape marketing chart image to explain how to attract buyers using a duct tape marketing system plan

Duct Tape Marketing System

It’s exhausting to have to chase for sales all the time with more competition and higher costs. That’s where the Duct Tape Marketing system comes into play, start learning how to create a marketing system that attracts buyers of any generation with a plan that sticks and stays the ever changing era of marketing innovation.

duct tape marketing chart image to explain how to grow predictable revenue using a duct tape marketing system map

Grow Predictable Revenue

Many small business owners fall prey to the “do nothing”, the “marketing idea of the week” or the “I don’t know what I should do next?” syndrome and never seem to produce real results. Learn how to treat your marketing as an integrated system in your business and get ready for consistent and scalable results.

duct tape marketing chart image to explain how to sustain long-term marketing system doing a DTM consultancy

DTM Consultancy (CDG Eligible)

The Duct Tape Marketing Consulting Engagement designed to help you build the foundations for a sustainable long-term marketing system for your business based on the award-winning author John Jantsch’s Duct Tape Marketing System. Discover the power of conducting market research, creating defined target market and utilizing marketing objectives in formulating a bulletproof business strategy.

duct tape marketing chart image to explain how to duct tape marketing coaching helps organization to boost there marketing strategies

DTM Coaching

The Duct Tape Marketing Coaching package is a hands-off approach to providing marketing guidance for organization that needs that extra boost or guidance in a more strategic direction. Add focus to your marketing team and be trained to create a complete do-it-yourself marketing plan under the guidance of capable and talented coaches.

duct tape marketing chart image to explain how duct tape marketing managed services help business get exposure and get more leads

DTM Services

Moving on from our Duct Tape Marketing Consultancy Engagement, the Duct Tape Marketing (Done-for-you) Managed Services is designed to help your business get more exposure, more traction and ultimately more leads. Using a centralized building block in the form of a modern marketing website; integrate content, social media engagement and other marketing materials to attract, convert, and nurture your leads into long-term customers.

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