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Equipment/Machine B2B CRM Success Story

For Jim Turner, Optibike is an extension of his life as a motocross rider, triathlete, and semiconductor design engineer. For his customers, Optibikes are a great way to lose weight, commute without a car, and have fun.

After buying his first electric bike in 1996, Jim found that it didn’t climb hills or go far enough. So he decided to make a better one. He built his first model in 1998, and started Optibike in 2008. Today, the company has customers in 32 countries, generating more than $1.45 million in annual sales. What’s more, Optibikes are the only electric bicycles—design, labor, parts and all—made 100% in America.

With Jim’s design expertise, inventing the world’s highest-performance electric bike was the culmination of skill and passion. But managing sales and marketing tasks wasn’t always a smooth ride.

Getting out of first gear.

Before Infusionsoft, Jim had been using two separate applications to handle CRM and email. There were problems integrating data and statistics, creating automated email campaigns, and improving conversion rates.

Switching to Infusionsoft put Optibike in the lead. “Before we began with Infusionsoft,” said Jim, “we were generating about 20,000 organic leads into our web site a month, and capturing about 20 to 30 into our newsletter. We had a newsletter database of about 2,000 people after four years. Once we started using Infusionsoft B2B CRM, by the end of the year we had over 7,000.”

Jim also used Infusionsoft B2B CRM to bring data into one location. Now he can easily contact customers and keep track of their data, measure engagement levels within an automated sales funnel, use more relevant statistics and analytics, and increase conversion rates.

“As a result of our automated sales funnel and tagging capabilities, we’re now tracking every lead’s progress, then creating tasks for sales floor follow-up and ongoing communication. We can even target these interactions toward the areas where the lead showed the most engagement.”

Simplifying a complex sale.

Electric bicycles are a complex sale, relying heavily on education. “One of the reasons we chose Infusionsoft B2B CRM is that we wanted to make a video series to improve our conversion rates and educate our customers,” said Jim. Because Infusionsoft is web-friendly, it allows a seamless integration of online videos with other aspects of the sales process. As a result, Optibike sales staff spend less time on the phone. Now they can spend more time with potential customers in person, closing more sales.