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Finance/Real Estate/Insurance Agency CRM Success Story

Joe and Janette had a new business, a new baby, a new house—and a lot of stress.

Lets see what Infusionsoft Insurance Agency CRM done for them.

After moving their family of five across the country, Joe and Janette opened a financial planning firm specializing in helping clients plan for retirement. Soon, they were faced with two big problems: they were wasting a lot of time using multiple systems to manage their sales and marketing AND they were spending way too much acquiring new leads (often by holding steak dinner seminars and not following up on leads).

Infusionsoft Insurance Agency CRM helped fix both these problems. By having a single system to run their day-to-day business, they freed themselves up to focus more on their clients. And, thanks to Infusionsoft’s email marketing tools of the Insurance Agency CRM, and Janette’s marketing genius, they were able to completely book up their tax return appointments (and start a waiting list) more than doubling their business—all while reducing the amount they were spending on marketing.

Now Joe and Janette run their business with less stress and are able to take care of what really matters: their family.