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Fast Application, Sticky Marketing that Attracts New Clients, Generates Referrals,
Builds Repeat Business, and Sells More.

Many small business owners fall prey to the ” do nothing “, the “marketing idea of the week” or the “I don’t know
what I should do next?” syndrome and never seem to produce real result.

Duct Tape Marketing is the first small business marketing program that treats marketing as an integrated
system. A core strategy integrated into a series of simple steps is the foundation. Any business, regardless of size,
can use this system to produce consistent and scalable results.

Duct Tape Marketing helps you:

  • Focus on your ideal client
  • Get prospects to systematically call you
  • Make your staff more effective and efficient
  • Create predictable, sustainable, sales growth

The Ultimate Marketing System is a complete small business marketing system consisting of 5 modules including
audio, video, workbooks, worksheets and additional materials-the product of over 20 years of working with
some of America’s most successful small businesses and independent professionals. See the entire list of titles
included below.

Now you can have one of America’s most respected small business marketing experts-one who has helped
thousands of small owners grow their businesses with a proven step-by-step system-actually guide you along
the marketing path for a fraction of the cost of what others have paid to get this same expert advice and coaching.

“John is a master at taking proven processes and integrate them with online marketing to truly reveal what makes you
remarkable. The DTM system will engage you in developing your focus and inspire you to be even better. Through simple
videos and workbooks, you will be hooked on marketing and fall in love with your business again.”- Steve Gasser

The 5 modules contains lessons that include thorough explanation of critical small business marketing topics,
real-life small business examples and worksheets, forms and tools needed to help you implement each lesson.

The Duct Tape Marketing Ultimate Marketing System Includes 5 modules
packed Full with 13 Lessons
(click here for a detailed list of lessons)

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“I have never been fond of marketing. I always find new and better marketing things but don’t
implement them because I find something wrong with them and they won’t work with how I run my business. After
going through the first module the light in my head went off and I plunged right through the rest. I have learned so
much from this course and have put in place my marketing for next year already! Thank you for the opportunity to
take this course”- Rebecca Thompson

Each module comes with  video and written instruction

Sample Worksheets

In addition to all the modules and training you also get:

  • 30 days of unlimited email support
  • A 30 minute review session with a Duct Tape Marketing Consultant
  • Access to monthly live Q&A sessions with John Jantsch
  • One core marketing document review and critique

The Ultimate Marketing System is THE small business
marketing road map.

3-month No-Risk 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t think the Ultimate Marketing System can help catapult your business to fame and fortune just ship it
back to me and I will cheerfully refund all your money. You don’t even need to give me a reason for returning it.
See, I know the power of this program and I’m confident you will get it the first day you dig into the material.
You win no matter what because I shoulder all of the risk.

How much?

The usual cost of the Ultimate Marketing System is $497. We understand that times are tough these days, especially for small business owners. In order to make the Ultimate Marketing System available to anyone
who wants to get started immediately, we’ll let you spread the cost over six payments of $82.84 over a
six month period.

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