Infusionsoft CRM Success Story: Burleson, Orthodontist Dentist CRM

Orthodontist Dentist CRM Success Story

Imagine an orthodontist who works on the patient’s schedule. With that premise at heart, Dr. Dustin Burleson created an orthodontics practice that actually makes it more convenient for his clients to get a better smile.

Burleson Orthodontics went through an array of simplistic solutions with little automation power before signing on with Infusionsoft CRM. Now, the practice has grown to four locations and automates everything from lead nurturing sequences to patient follow-up to even employee training.

Automate everything.

Dr. Burleson employs Infusionsoft’s Dentist CRM automation capabilities throughout his business. Leads come in from various channels— Facebook, PPC and direct mail—and are captured through web forms that tag their source and other factors. This triggers an automated, targeted nurture campaign that converts an astounding 85% of leads into patients (national average in his industry is 50%). Of those who don’t convert initially, over 20% do during a re-engagement campaign.

Burleson Orthodontics even uses segmentation to manage its patient follow-up communications, with smart automation triggers designed to reach patients based on status, treatment type, referral status, treatment start dates and key milestones.

Dr. Burleson even automates his employee training, informing them of company benefits, resources and other updates at scheduled intervals using this Dentist CRM system.

Wow your customers—automatically.

Believe it or not, Dr. Burleson actually automates the wow for his patients. Pre-set actions kick off a reminder for staff to send greeting cards with thoughtful gifts at key points in treatment. For example, after the patient gets braces, they’ll get a gift card for a smoothie to help soothe any discomfort. And after braces are removed, the patient receives a gift card for a free caramel apple.

Of course, happy customers equal referrals—thanks to the team’s efforts, 60% of patients refer new patients, up from 28% before. Infusionsoft CRM.