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Learn The Importance of CRM Knowledge Base To Score More Leads

CRM Knowledge Base

CRM Knowledge Base system are informative and heuristic materials available for customers to access to get information and solutions about the products or services offered. A form of customer support provided to reduce redundant and unnecessary questions.

Customer Lifecycle Marketing

Lifecycle marketing is a seven-stage system devised specifically for small businesses to help
them transform their sales and marketing.

It is comprised of basic strategies and tactics integrated into a single, self-sustaining process.
Small businesses that implement lifecycle marketing principles through the affordable,
easy-to-use automation technology now available to them are in the best position to grow,
nurture and retain valuable customers.



90% the most succesful users agree that marketing automation is ''very important'' to the overall sucess of their marketing accross channels. -marketo & Ascend2'' marketing automation strategies for Sustaining Success(2015)''
63% of companies that are outgrowing their competitions use marketing automation. (The Lenskold and pedowitz Groups,2013 Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study, Nov 20103)
78% of successful marketing cite marketing automation systems as most responsible for improving revenue contribution. (The Lenskold and Pedowitz Groups, 2013 Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study, Nov 2013)

B2C marketers who take advantage of automation – which includes everything from cart
abandonment programs to birthday emails-have seen conversion rates as high as 50%.
(eMarketer, Email Marketing Benchmarks, eb 2013)
Companies that have adopted marketing automation display notable advantages compared to
companies that have not adopted a marketing automation system, as highlighted below. (The
Lenskold and Pedowitz Groups, 2013 Lead Generation Marketing Effectiveness Study, Nov 2013)

45% of companies with marketing automation regularly repurpose content for efficiency, compared with 28% of companies without marketing automation

54% of companies with
marketing automation capture
intelligence for the sales team,
compared to 25% without

49% of companies with marketing automation customize content to the Buyer journey stages, compared to 21% without

59% of companies with
marketing automation are able
to use intelligent targeting to
trigger content, compared to
17% without

Companies that excel in lead nurturing generate 50% more sales-ready leads at 33% lower
cost per lead. (Forrester Research, 2014)
67% of B2B marketers say lead nurturing increases sales opportunities throughout the
funnel by at least 10%, with 15% seeing opportunities by 30% or more.(DemandGen,
2014 Lead Nurturing Benchmark Study, Oct 2014)

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