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Growing Your Email Contact List Through Lead Magnets

We all know the struggle of coming up with a good lead magnet. Admit it, you have been stuck once ...
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How To Increase Your Email Engagement Rate?

What is Email Engagement Rate? Is it really important for you and your email marketing career? Find out the answers ...
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Email Marketing: The Best Way To Increase The Loyalty Of Your Customers

What is Email Marketing? What are the different types of email marketing tactics? How can you keep your customer loyalty ...
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How To Create a Buyer’s Persona?

How do you usually start your newsletters and emails? Do you start it with a simple ‘Hi <first name>!’? If ...
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banner of a blog "Common marketing Automation Mistake (How to Solve it)" with a background of a laptop

Common Marketing Automation Mistakes (How to Solve It)

Why did you build your business? How are you able to keep it running? You didn't just jump into a ...
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banner image of a blog "Optimising Your Email to Boost Its Open Rate via Email Client Market Share" with a background of a laptop and a cup on a wooden table

Optimising Your Email to Boost Its Open Rate via Email Client Market Share

When it comes to increasing your open rate, you should know the most used email clients and their respective Email ...
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