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5 Tips On How to Write Amazing Email Subject Lines

February 08, 2018

Are you wondering why people are not replying to your emails and not engaging with your offers? There’s a lot of factors you can consider, but if your content is already superb, and your email marketing strategy is well-made, then you’re probably

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20 Email Deliverability Terminologies That You Should Be Aware Of

October 02, 2017

In every email marketing strategy, email deliverability is an important and ever-changing component that most marketers use to reach out to their clients. As a matter of fact, email deliverability is becoming a lot more challenging. According to the

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Understanding Email Deliverability: A Quick Guide

October 10, 2017

Marketers typically underestimate the work that needs to be done for successful email marketing. An email marketer needs to write relevant and engaging content that converts leads into sales. He or she is also required to effectively design an ema

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Marketing Automation for Online Retail

September 26, 2017

Nowadays, it is often heard in the news the instability in the retail industry such as Barnes & Noble announced its plan to shut down physical locations and Toys "R" Us filed for bankruptcy. The move was a result of more and more consumers prefer

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