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Customer Experience Management: An Effective Strategy In Four Steps

Curious about Customer Experience Management? How it helps in retaining customers and establishing loyalty? Don’t know where to start? It’s ...
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blog title"Using Customer Persona to Boost Your Open-Rate"group of people sitting in a coffee shop

Using Customer Persona to Boost Your Open-Rate

If you’re sending an email, you surely would want your emails to be read. Now, if your emails are getting ...
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Growing Your Business Using Effective Lead Nurturing Tactics

When it comes to email marketing, we want to make sure that your investment on the software as well as ...
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How To Deal With Ignored Email Marketing

Pursuing a business means you’re willing to invest an amount of money with hopes of gaining more in return, which ...
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Why Email Marketing Hygiene Should Remain As Your Top Priority

Sending Email through the use of CRM Software may sound very simple, mainly because as time progresses, CRM softwares has ...
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Boosting Sales Through Customer Segmentation

People like it when they’re interacting with others. Gone are the days when marketers talk to their potential customers with ...
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