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Automated Campaigns

Map out a custom campaign in seconds or use one of Infusionsoft’s proven templates top get your next campaign up and running fast. Send emails, direct mail and voice broadcast automatically based on date, time, or a behavior like a click or purchase. Use the visual campaign builder to automate all of your internal or external processes from new hire onboarding to purchase fulfillment.

Email Marketing

Easily design professional emails that inspire customers to take action. send a single email for special promotions or use autoresponders to send a personalized series of emails that nurture your leads. Spam Scoring helps ensure your emails arrive in the inbox with a 99% deliver-ability rate.

Landing Pages & Web Forms

Attract and capture more leads online. Build landing pages that match your brand in just a few clicks. Publish your page instantly with Influsionsoft’s free hosting, then use SEO to get found online and share your page on social media. Add web forms to capture leads and infusionsoft will automatically follow up.

Web Activity Monitoring

Make smarter marketing decisions by seeing what’s happening on your websites and landing pages. Track visitor activity from first visit to purchase, take advantage of in-depth web analytics and track which sources produce the most leads with Infusionsoft Marketing Automation.

Multimedia Marketing

Find the best way to reach your customers. In addition to email marketing, you can create automated voice broadcasts, direct mail letters, and social media posts. Infusionsoft’s branding center helps you create and manage all of your communication templates.

Marketing Reports

Learn what’s working and what’s not. Convert more leads into customers by refining your marketing efforts with reports that measure open rates, click-throughs and social reach. See Infusionsoft Marketing Automation real-time campaign results and make adjustments on the fly to maximize your marketing spend.

Social Lead Generation (available with GroSocial by Infusionsoft Marketing Automation)

Turn “likes” into leads. Customizable templates let you create contests and
promotions that help you attract and capture leads. Monitor your feeds schedule posts and tweets with content management tools that make social simple.

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