Common Myths about Marketing Automation

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Everyone is raving on how marketing automation has changed the entire landscape of online marketing. You may have heard several rumors about marketing automation — like how useless and bad it is for your business, or how difficult it is to manage and how it can get you into unwanted trouble. 

Most marketers have already heard stories about how poorly implemented marketing automation campaigns can lead to failure and errors. However, despite all these beliefs, it still doesn’t mean the entire process is any less necessary for your business. 

Here are some common myths about marketing automation:

Myth #1: The One & Done Function

This is a common belief that marketers are using marketing automation too much, leaving the engaged responses  of their customers hanging. This makes them feel disappointed and seek other businesses. 

It’s considered as a myth because it can’t function on its own. It needs a constant amount of care, nourishment, and awareness to work effectively. Companies spend less on paying attention to marketing automation, thinking they can do all the work on their own. In reality, it isn’t the alpha of your marketing campaign. It only serves as a supplement to your sales strategy.

Incorporating automation will allow you to strategize the path. To put it, marketing automation isn’t something that you can set and forget. It needs attention and proper management.

Myth #2: Marketing Automation Is Just Email Marketing

Some marketers would often think marketing automation just offers purely email marketing software. 

Email marketing is just a part of marketing automation. Marketers use an email marketing strategy to send relevant information to their target audience. Automating your email marketing can give you the following benefits:

  • Create target-specific emails
  • Automate email sends and follow-ups
  • Create unique email templates
  • Email segmentation
  • Content creation for newsletters & more

By gaining the right software, small businesses and business marketers can have a similar approach to their email marketing and be on the standard with bigger companies. So with that being said, marketing automation is not just about glorified email marketing, it gives you the option to automate your emails and gain more customers with relevant email content.

Any marketing task that requires constant repetition can now be automated. It means that connecting to your clients will be more efficient than before. With marketing automation, you can create action-triggered strategies for your business.

Myth #3: A Lazy Approach to Manage Campaigns

Some people believe that marketing automation is a lazy approach to managing your email campaigns or content publishing. A lazy approach to marketing automation only ruins your entire marketing campaign. Quality marketing automation takes time and effort, however, the fruit of all your hard work is sweet when you see some improvements in your business.                    

Marketing Automation is just the tip of the iceberg of your entire marketing strategy. You can’t just relax if you want to have quality marketing automation. Know of what you are saying at all times across all of your marketing areas. You also need to consider how your content could affect your company. Just think about leaving someone a voicemail. 

If that someone calls back and all they get is a disconnected dial tone, it will offend them no matter what. This means that you need to pay attention to every detail you put in your marketing campaign because if done half-heartedly, it could bite you back.

Myth #4: Automation Is Too Robotic & Impersonal

Some people believe that marketing automation is way too impersonal and often marketers would sound like robots. A lot of companies nowadays don’t even consider taking the time to sound personal–much less natural when making their offers. They just send recorded emails, calls, or personal messages, sounding like they are reading a very long script.

It should be the other way around. People want to talk with humans, not robots. You can personalize your materials to make them speak to your customers.

Another way to encourage a more personalized content is by sending a highly targeted and specific copy to your customers. By grouping people in narrow workflows, it ensures that your customer receives an impactful content related to their responses. When you use the software correctly, your content and messaging should come across as anything but impersonal.

Myth #5: Marketing Automation Is Only For Big Businesses

Small businesses always believed that marketing automation is exclusive only for big and well-established companies. Most platforms of marketing automation are high-priced, which is why small businesses and individual marketers are hesitant to get one. Most would even prefer getting automation once they’ve already progressed into a bigger company. But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Small businesses in particular often suffer from a slower marketing approach, which is all the more reason for them to gain marketing automation software.

Despite its cost, the effectiveness automation to smoothen out marketing operations makes it a very reasonable investment. What’s more is that most marketing automation platforms feature several options that are tailored to smaller companies, enabling them to see bigger and better results without having to do things manually.

Myth #6: You Don’t Need a Marketing Strategy If You Automate Your Business

Marketing automation doesn’t make your business independent. Yes, it can be a great tool to boost your online marketing, but remember that it only serves as a supplement to your marketing strategy. It can save you time and can use for customer engagement and increased up-sell opportunities.

Marketing still requires a human factor. But it can be a lot better with marketing automation software. It can collect and generate information for your business and improve the marketing campaign by providing relevant tools to make the operation more efficient. Marketing automation makes it easier to use tools and strategies like A/B testing, action-triggered marketing, and so much more.


Marketing Automation is a tool, and it sure is not a shortcut to success. It’s just a piece of a far greater picture that requires a constant level of care and attention to succeed. Still, having doubts about marketing automation? It’s time for you to change your impression with this innovative and revolutionary tool.

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