Four “On-Page” SEO Tips to Improve your Search Rankings

August 22, 2015 Marketing, SEO 0 Comments

Since the advent of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, searching for good (and bad) reviews, comparisons and alternatives to your product or service have become part of a buyer’s journey.

Optimizing your website to be “Search Friendly” or “SEO” and come up ahead of your competitors, has become a “MUST DO” for small businesses if your target audience is likely to do his research before buying.

Here are 4 “Must Do”s to drastically improve your Search Ranking:

1) Have Different Landing Pages for Keyword Themes

Competing for short keywords is very difficult especially when your website has little content and back-links from related sites. If you are a men’s suit tailor, the keyword “tailor” would be most competitive, “men suit tailor” or “bespoke tailor” would be somewhat competitive.

On the other hand, a page about “custom Italian men suit” would be less competitive. Having more of these “long-tail” keywords as landing page themes would make it possible for your small business to rank well quickly.

2) Improve the Performance & Experience of your Website

Performance and experience are listed as one of the factors by Google in your page ranking. By being not responsive to different devices and screen sizes, your website will be heavily disadvantaged. Poor loading speeds and poor site navigation (leading to high bounce rates) will be penalized too. Try auditing your website with these Free Tools: Page Speed Testing, Mobile-Friendliness.

After improving your website, you should submit the sitemap to webmaster tools, which will tell you what is going wrong with your website.

3) Use WordPress SEO Yoast for Page and Post Optimization

SEO Yoast PluginIf you are using WordPress this nifty tool helps you with post/page optimization to check if your keyword is present in the right places: (a) the URL, (b) page/post Title, (c) sub-headers (d) in the article itself (e) meta description.

Although meta description does not factor to SEO rankings, but it gives the viewer a clear idea of what your page/post is about, therefore helps to convert.

An example is our actual experience with our own website We were using a Leadpages landing page that had a default description that did not match what our website was about.

Infusionsoft Empathi Solutions Search Description (Before)

We changed the meta description to incorporate our keyword “Infusionsoft Singapore“:

Infusionsoft Empathi Solutions Search Description (After)The exact information of what we wanted the viewer to see becomes clear: our contact number, what Infusionsoft does, we are certified officially by Infusionsoft, and ICV + PIC grant eligible. This improved our click-through rate by 50%.

4) Focus on good quality Content not Quantity

Finally, quantity of content is no longer as important as the quality of content with new Google Search Algorithms. Sharing, mentions, and links from related websites, authority bloggers, hold a higher weighting than just merely the number of links.

Since you are devoting time and/or money into quality content,  you might as well also convert the quality content into multiple versions: Slides, MP3, Video, Infographics, PDFs etc and post on Scribd (PDFs), SlideShare (Slides), Podcasts (MP3), Youtube (video), Pinterest (Images/Infographics), then share to Social Media Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.

The original article appeared in a guest post on Duct Tape Marketing Blog on 21 Aug 2015. 

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