Lead Volume vs Lead Quality featured image
Lead Volume vs Lead Quality featured image

Which Is Better? Lead Volume VS Lead Quality

October 16, 2019 CRM Software, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Marketing Automation 0 Comments

Lead Volume VS Lead Quality: What differences do each of these leads have? Why are these types of lead generation important in increasing your sales? This article is written with the purpose of answering those questions and providing you with more details for your sales. Helpful topics such as;

  1. Definition Of Leads

  2. The Importance Of Leads And Lead Generation Strategies

  3. Lead Volume Strategy and Its Importance

  4. Lead Quality Strategy and Its Importance

  5. Advantages Of Each Leads Strategy

  6. Easy Lead Generation via Marketing Automation

  7. Final Thoughts

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Definition Of Leads

Sales Leads or Leads refer to the businesses or people who have the chance to be a client. It is the data that recognizes an enterprise as a possible client of a service or product. There are many ways to procure sales leads such as third parties’ participation, direct mailings, trade shows, advertising, and other marketing offers. 

It is also in your best interest to know that leads may come through different kinds of sources and examples of these are Websites, Forums, or even phone calls. All you need to remember is that a sales lead is not considered as a guaranteed client and some certain interests and intents needed to be considered. 

The Importance Of Leads And Lead Generation Strategies

Lead Generation is a process that could help you transform possible customers to regular customers considering you’ve done the steps correctly. This is why most enterprises view Lead Generation is one of the crucial things a business should have.

The importance of lead generation is that it connects the consumers to the providers efficiently. Business Websites rely on lead generation as well because it can help their websites gain more traffic and more traffic means more conversions which are equivalent to more money. The fact that lead generation can be the key to making more money is enough for Enterprises, big or small, to put importance to it.

Lead Volume Strategy and Its Importance

There are 2 main strategies in Lead Generation and the first one is Lead Volume. Lead volume is a certain amount of people that are willing to try the product or service and it is also a way to measure up your activity. The importance of Volume can be subdivided into two parts;

It Develops Quality

If you have a certain amount of volume then you only need to focus on improving the quality of your product or service. Believe me when I say that the most proactive way to improve quality is for you to have more practice. The best thing about having a huge volume is that there is a better room for improvement for you through practice.

It Builds Momentum

If you have the mindset of improving the quality of your product and once that goal is reached then your morale will hit the roof and that’s when the momentum kicks in. The business world is like a war and employees need momentum just as much as soldiers do.  A company with high morale can work more efficiently than it can ever did.

Lead Quality Strategy and Its Importance

Lead Quality refers to the factor that enables you to see how your potential customers become regular customers. The higher the quality, the higher the chance your prospects will turn into patrons. It’s all about improving your product or service so that clients will continue to subscribe to your services without you even telling them.

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Advantages of Each Lead Generation Strategy

Both strategies have their own merits. The best thing about lead volume is that you’ll be able to practice more in improving the quality of your product or service. You know what they say practice makes perfect. After practicing and getting the quality you like it would be a piece of cake for you to get more volume again because you’ve already done it before.

As for lead quality, you just need to prepare more incentives for your regular clients because the quality of your product or service is already guaranteed and you only need to improve your lead volume for better Lead Generation.

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Easy Lead Generation via Marketing Automation

If you are feeling time-pressured and you can’t handle your lead generation anymore then you can always count on Marketing Automation to help you breakthrough this predicament. The best thing about using Marketing Automation is that you don’t have to do the work yourself while having the best outcome possible for you.

Marketing Automation follows a simple workflow that can be divided into these simple steps. 

Step 1. Email List Opt-in Encouragement

Give away some of your content through email for you to capture email addresses from readers.

Step 2. Opt-In Promise Deliverance

After getting the attention of your readers, you deliver the service you promised in your email.

Step 3. Recognize Motivated Subscribers Through Extra Content

You can never go wrong into giving more especially when it comes to clients. Have a little test and recognize motivated subscribers to give them the incentives they deserved.

Step 4. Let Your Sales Team Take Care Of Our Leads

Once the motivated subscribers are identified then its time for your sales team to make their move. Incentives, more content, and many more can work at this juncture.

Step 5. Re-engage Cold Leads

The final step is to re-engage with cold leads so that you’ll generate more warm leads. Helpful emails are highly recommended in this process.

This is how marketing automation for lead generation works.

Final Thoughts

Both strategies can be very helpful but as you can see it all ends up in “Quality Volume”. If you go with Lead Volume and then you’ll end up tackling lead quality in the future and vice versa. Now you can see that Lead Volume and Lead Quality are coexistent and the one can’t live without the other.

You need to make sure that with every lead generation process you make, Getting volume is important and improving quality is also important and figure out on your own how to make equilibrium of these two factors so that you’ll get the “Quality Volume” leads. So follow these tips today to further optimise the Lead Generation of your company.

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