Effective Takeaways in Creating Push Notifications

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Having problems with your conversions? Has no one been responding on your emails? Don’t lose heart if your experiencing problems on your conversions and emails. As a matter of fact, there’s another method on how to increase your monthly conversion. Continue reading below.

Sending emails to your users and potential clients has been a thing from the past. One of the reasons why it’s been ineffective these days because people are too busy to open their inbox. Users have to login first to their email provider in order to read multiple emails they’d receive. 

There’s already a newer and effective way of reaching out to your audience without login to read your message.  Then what’s this newer method by the way?

It’s push notification. 

This newer method allows you to message your audience anywhere and anytime. In addition to that, they can read what your message is about in real-time once they receive it. 

This article will cover the following topic;


What is Push Notification?

Website owners may find it familiar, and some may not. So what exactly is a push notification?

Push notification is a small message that you see or receive on your browser or on your mobile phone. See the image below.

 A man holding an iphone 5's

Mobile Push Notification

Google checklist

Web Browser Push Notification

These messages can reach your users and also your prospect users anywhere at any time. 

Sometimes push notifications can be mistaken as pop-ups. Well, to clear things up. “Pop-ups” are also small messages that pop-out on audiences that enter a specific website or page. While push notifications are independent of any sites, which means, you will still receive it without opening any website. 

It may seem good, but like any other method, it also has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Push Notification

Stimulates engagement

A well thought-off push notification enables users to immediately engage in what you are trying to speak to them. If your notification contains  what your users wants they will promptly click it and perform a conversion. 

Reduces customer journey

In Email, users have to login to their email provider and look for the message that you sent to them. Compared to push notification, it allows them to read your message in real-time without logging into accounts. Which significantly saves them time.

Re-engage users

You can continuously engage your customers without hassle. Sending them relevant and useful messages. This procedure keeps your users interested in your services or on your products. Keep them posted.

Increase in Conversion Rate

Since users and potential clients can read in real-time your messages, you have a higher chance of getting high conversions. 

Disadvantages of Push Notifications

It functions as a pop-up ad

People hated pop-up ads for a couple of reasons. One is, some ads are irrelevant to what they are looking for, and the other second one is there quite annoying. If your push notification you sent shows no relevance or usefulness to the users, they might find it annoying and will opt to stop receiving your notification.

Much effective on Loyal users

Newer users are quite hesitant about opting push notification because they are still learning on your services and products. To add, only those who already trusted your services opt for push notification.

Regardless of its drawbacks, the advantages of push notification still weighs more. But it, not an excuse for you to reluctantly forget its weakness. 

So when creating a push notification for your online business, it’s prudent to be aware of both its advantages and disadvantages to create one effectively. 

To help you create an effective push notification, here are some major takeaways from different experts on how to create a compelling and efficient push notif.

Personalize Your Content 

One of the most important factors or aspects you should consider in creating a push notification is personalization. Why personalization?

Your users will feel that they are important to you when you keep your message as personalized as possible. This moves them to take action on your message(depending on the content of your notification).

With that said, personalized notifications allow you to have a higher conversion rate. In the long run, this will turn out towards higher revenue. 

You can also close the gap for newer customers and build a relationship with them through push notification. Try to keep them feel important after they signed up for push notifs. Use their first or last name if possible when sending a notification to them. 

In addition, allow your users to have the ability to personalize the push notifications they receive from you. This strategy not just allows you to build some trust, but also achieve much denser conversion. This dense conversion has a higher possibility to be converted into revenue. 

Be Creative

Be as creative as possible on your notifications. Make it unique from the previous push notifications you’ve sent to your users. This way, your users feel that you always have new things for them to discover. So how do you do this? 

Try adding emoji on your notifications. Users find it engaging, and they feel like a person was actually reminding them. 

If you’re not into emojis, you could use quality images to engage your users to open your notification. Images are one of the best ways to express or deliver what you are actually trying to sell. 

If you could send an image to your users on one of the items placed on their shopping cart is on sale. This way they’ll get engaged, and chances are they will make a purchase.

Now depending on the type of business that you are running, create a unique creatives that fit on both you and your audience. 

Use Segmentation

Another factor in creating a push notification is segmentation. 

Segmentation involves grouping your users, and potential users base on what they have in common. You can group them by location, age bracket, certain products viewed, blog copies read, and others. This way, it will be easier for you to create specific and personalized push notifications to your audience. 

The outcome of this process will leave a shorter list of categorized audiences, varying from different locations up to interests. 

This will enable you to create much-personalized content for your audience specifically. But be careful not to go over the top of your notifications. Always present them relevant notifications or else they will get annoyed. 

Unique Content

Since we’ve already mentioned content and relevance, mind as well include them.

Content also plays a role in the conversion part of your push notification. If your content fails to provide useful and relevant content for your users, you’re just making them regret opting for push notification from you. 

To avoid such an incident, since you already have segmented your audience try to figure out what they are looking for. Try to give them something fresh from your business, or something relevant to what they are looking for. 

This way, you are keeping them engaged up until they make a purchase or a conversion. The more you provide more relevant and useful content to your audience, the higher the monthly conversion you’ll have.

Timely and Triggered Notification

Timely sent push notifications are a great way to improve your push notification conversion efficiently. To do that, go to your segmented audiences. 

From there, consider each timezone of each major location groups of your audience. With that, you will be able to send timely push notification to them on their convenient time. 

Pro-tip. Avoid sending them notifications early in the morning or late in the evening. Chances are your notifications will be ignored or left unread. 

Other than time, we also have triggered notifications.

This is a style in push notification where a user is notified about a sale offer of one the item he left on his shopping cart. Or perhaps they notified that the stocks of the items on their shopping cart are getting low.

Notifications like this encourage the users to perform an immediate action. 

Bottom Line

Push notification is an excellent method to increase your monthly conversions from your users. Not only that, it’s a much more efficient and effective way of reaching out to your users with less hassle. Have you already applied some of these on your push notification?

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