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Lead Scoring Best Practices: 6 Tips For Effective Online Marketing

Today’s online marketing is no longer “collect and collect.” We are no longer in the “spray and pray” era where all we do is hoard a lot of leads and send our emails to

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4 Ways To Create The Best Buyer’s Journey

The success of online marketing today relies heavily on how they can effectively lead their prospects all the way to making a purchase. Modern-day marketers have realized that the process of purchasing anything is

Your Marketing Automation Campaign Is Failing – Here Are 4 Reasons

The buyers of the current generation have a variety of unlimited choices. They have access to a multitude of research materials and are surrounded by countless marketing motivational messages each and every day. These

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3 Common Reasons Why Marketing Automation Campaigns Fail

Human interactions are the bread and butter of marketing. You don’t need a bunch of statistics to prove the benefits of high-quality content, personalized messages, and multi-channel marketing. Common sense dictates that consumers respond