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6 CRM Myths You Usually Hear That Are All False

In the world of high-speed internet and digital innovation, it’s not a surprise to hear numerous CRM myths floating around. If you’re still new to Customer Relationship Management (CRM, then some of these myths

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3 CRM Trends of 2019 Every Business Owners Should Know

Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) is considered to be one of the most effective marketing strategy used by businessmen across Singapore, as well as around the world, as it had helped business giants such

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Marketing Automation Best Practices You Should Apply In 2019

What are the memorable marketing automation tactics dubbed as best practices that you’ve learned this 2018? Now, with the new year coming in, are the practices that worked for you in 2018 applicable for

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Reasons on Why CRM Integration Brings Convenience

CRM integration brings a total convenience, right? Because it provides you with an easy method that increases your lead and keeps more customers. But still, you’re thinking of the “whys” and “what ifs” of

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4 Benefits You Get When You Use CRM

How valuable are your customers to your business? You hear people in the business sector say this numerous times, and we’re pretty sure you agree as well, that your customers are your most valuable

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6 Types of CRM For People Who Are New To CRM Systems

Are you like the rest of small business owners out there? You know, those who are still new to CRM or Customer Relationship Management Tools? The sheer number of CRM software out in the

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10 CRM Companies In Singapore That Caters To Small and Medium Sized Businesses

Researching for all the  CRM companies in Singapore is a hassle for most people, right? As a businessman do you have the time and patience to go through every website and every store Google

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7 Reasons Why A Simple CRM System Beats Complicated Tools

When you’re buying a CRM tool, do you go for the Simple CRM system? Or, do you pick the complicated one? Buyers today go for the advance tool because they think that advanced or

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CRM Database In Singapore: 4 Features You Should Evaluate

When you’re considering to purchase a CRM product and database in Singapore, what features do you usually check? Do you look at its sales projection in the CRM? Or, do you check the capacity

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Empathy Statements You Should Use in Customer Management To Put Your Prospect at Ease

Customer Relationship Management has drastically changed. From keeping your customer’s data and files in drawers and folders into a secured cloud. From annoying the prospects with long salesy sales talk, into connecting and interacting