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Four “On-Page” SEO Tips to Improve your Search Rankings

Websites are the main focus of all SEO processes. Optimizing them will not only give you chances of achieving higher rankings but can also generate more leads for your business. On-page SEO is a

Why You Should Get Serious About Marketing Automation

If you have been hoping that marketing automation was just a passing trend that you could wait out, prepare for your hopes to be dashed.  This is no flash in the pan digital marketing tactic

5 Red Flags for Small Biz Owners When Hiring SEO Consultant

Small business owners want their websites to appear in the first page when potential customers are searching online. Paying for ads is one way of getting noticed. The other is to use Search Engine

Three Important Local SEO Strategies to Get Noticed Online

With semantic search, search engines like Google always attempts to generate relevant results for the user. So when the user looks for a service or product and adds a location keyword, Google shows “local”