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How To Increase Your Email Click-Through-Rate

Having a hard time increasing your Email Click-Through-Rate? Don’t worry. Maintaining a high email engagement rate is every digital marketer’s struggle. For email marketers, despite having the upper hand of being more exposed than

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Understanding the Basics of Inbound Lead Generation and Why it Matters

One of the major concerns of any business is how to gain new customers. New customers mean growth, bigger revenue, and longer business life. In this quest for new customers, two words usually pop

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Using List Segmentation To Increase Your Click-Throughs

Most business owners have used email Marketing for an apparent reason, and that is to increase revenues. Together with this widespread use of marketing automation, is the rise of the dreaded spam emails. In

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How Lead Scoring Makes Lead Nurturing A Lot Easier

Determining what your lead wants, moreover, guess if they’re ready for your sales pitch is not easy. Especially because you are dealing with different people with a varied level of interests. Your goal is

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Lead Scoring: How It Can Help You Segment Your Leads

Every business owner has dreamed of growing their business, and one way to grow your business is to increase your leads. This is why a lot of business owners spend a lot of time,

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Lead Scoring: Easy Way to Nurture Leads

Increasing your business revenue is never easy. You have to take care of your existing customers while you generate, capture, and nurture leads. Aside from that, you have to make sure that your captured

How Lead Score Highly Influences Your Lead Nurturing

How can you tell if a lead score is ready for conversion or if they still need further nurturing? Not all of your leads are the same. They behave and react differently. Your sales

How an Excellent Customer Experience Can Increase Your Revenues

A lot of businesses who aim to grow overlooks customer service and customer experience. They tend to focus more on capturing leads, thinking that this will be their gateway into growing their business. Indeed,

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Lead Nurturing Best Practices to Increase Revenues

Growing your business means that you keep your current customers interested in your brand. It also means that you also attract new ones and turn them into regular customers. Attracting customers may sound simple,

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4 Easy Steps in Creating a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

There’s one thing that can keep your business running for years and years to come, and that is marketing. Without it, your business will most likely be invisible in the eyes of your prospective