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4 Reasons Why Free CRM Isn’t Actually Free

Have you seen an advert in Google that says free CRM? We have, and our first reaction was wow someone decided to create an open system that people can use. Can you imagine having

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CRM Database In Singapore: 4 Features You Should Evaluate

When you’re considering to purchase a CRM product and database in Singapore, what features do you usually check? Do you look at its sales projection in the CRM? Or, do you check the capacity

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4 Things to Remember When Choosing CRM Vendors in Singapore

In selecting CRM vendors to buy from in Singapore, what considerations do you usually have? A CRM system is a big deal, and it can make a big dent in your budget if you

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Asking for CRM Consulting Services is Actually Important in Social Media Marketing

As a business owner or a marketer, you want your products and services to reach your target customers. One way of reaching your target audience is to use social media. Indeed—social media has helped

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How To Create More Accurate Product Sales Predictions For Your Sales Representatives with CRM Database and ERP Systems

Traditionally, people have used enterprise resource planning (also known as ERP) as opposed to today’s CRM database system, to record the purchases made by customers and the time when they paid for those purchases.