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40 Tedious Sales Tasks You Can Outsource To A Virtual Assistant

Most enterprises these days encounter manpower problems thus causing a slowing production of products & services.  One of the most recommended ways to solve this problem is outsourcing. Getting virtual assistant services for these

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Which Is Better? Lead Volume VS Lead Quality

Lead Volume VS Lead Quality: What differences do each of these leads have? Why are these types of lead generation important in increasing your sales? This article is written with the purpose of answering

4 Comprehensive Ways To Increase Email Opt In Rate

Comprehensive Ways To Increase Email Opt-In Rate What is an email opt-in rate? How can it help you and your business grow? The email marketing industry is vast and a variety of emails are

Email Marketing Strategy: The Best Way To Increase The Loyalty Of Your Customers

What is Email Marketing? What are the different types of email marketing strategy? How can you keep your customer loyalty in check? Find out the answers to these questions here. In this generation, where

How To Create a Buyer Persona?

How do you usually start your newsletters and emails? Do you start it with a simple ‘Hi <first name>!’? If yes, then is the email performing well? Your emails are your means of attracting

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Common Marketing Automation Mistakes (How to Solve It)

Why did you build your business? How are you able to keep it running? You didn’t just jump into a decision without planning it out, right? That’s like tossing your money out of your

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How To Increase Your Email Click-Through-Rate

Having a hard time increasing your Email Click-Through-Rate? Don’t worry. Maintaining a high email engagement rate is every digital marketer’s struggle. For email marketers, despite having the upper hand of being more exposed than

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These Email Marketing Campaign Factors Highly Affect Your Business

Are you struggling with how to get your email marketing campaign successful? Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and constantly-growing marketing tools. As much as how it makes it easier for marketers