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Boost Your Sales Using Marketing Automation

You, reading this article, means you already know about automation marketing. About streamlining, automating, and monitoring routinary marketing tasks. It made your marketing teams’ life easier. But there is more to it than just

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Inbound Marketing is For Closers: Busting 5 Common Bottom-of-The-Funnel Myths

Misinformed marketers think of inbound marketing as only an effective tool used only for filling the top of the funnel. The fact based on data that will be presented on this blog is that

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Marketing Automation RFP: 9 BEST and WORST QUESTIONS to Ask

A VentureBeat study revealed that 70% of marketers who use some kind of marketing automation software are either dissatisfied or unhappy with the software. Even if those marketers are dissatisfied with their purchases, they

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When is the Right Time To Replace Your Software for Marketing Automation?

When is the right time to replace your marketing automation software? Maybe you have been using marketing automation for a quite while now, yet for some whatever reason, you are dissatisfied with how it

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4 Key Selling Points for Pitching Marketing Automation to Clients

Potential clients don’t right away comprehend the benefits of implementing marketing automation for their business. They commonly use a “frankensystem” of different marketing tools and strategies to reach their bottom line. When you pitch