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6 CRM Myths You Usually Hear That Are All False

In the world of high-speed internet and digital innovation, it’s not a surprise to hear numerous CRM myths floating around. If you’re still new to Customer Relationship Management (CRM, then some of these myths

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How CRM System Integration Puts You On Top

In today’s digitally advanced world,  getting your brand to be known online takes a lot of effort and hard work. Marketing is now reliant to the internet. It’s now made out of a lot

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CRM Systems in Singapore Increase Productivity!

Looking for Customer Relationship Management or CRM systems in Singapore? You’re in good hands! We will provide and help you determine Singapore’s leading CRM systems. Choosing the right CRM software for your particular business

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The Trust Element: How It Gets You More Repeat Sales

You want your business to grow, but you don’t know where to start. I can help you with that. Your business only starts to grow if your sale increases. An increase in sales means

5 Symptoms that Tell Your Business is in Dire Need for Automation

Are your endless tasks making you wish you could multiply or clone yourself? Handling a business is surely not a one-man job and you can’t keep doing everything by yourself. You might be wasting

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How To Create More Accurate Product Sales Predictions For Your Sales Representatives with CRM Database and ERP Systems

Traditionally, people have used enterprise resource planning (also known as ERP) as opposed to today’s CRM database system, to record the purchases made by customers and the time when they paid for those purchases.

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Create Lasting Customer Relationship With Your Buyers Using These Game-Changing Steps

With today’s fast-paced world filled with social media and instant information, the very concept of long-term customer relationship seems like a thing of the past. Brands are bombarded with intense competition everywhere, and brilliant

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Meet The Industry Whiners! Solving The Common CRM Marketing Automation Complains You Hear From Companies

“I hate our CRM Marketing Automation!” “Our CRM software sucks!” “This application is no more than a glorified spreadsheet!” These are just some of the complains you can hear from companies about CRM marketing

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10 Ways You Can Improve Your Customer Experience For Your CRM and Marketing Strategy

In today’s CRM and marketing world, customer experience is all the rave. You can’t attend a seminar without it being mentioned. And marketing advisors out there can’t reiterate enough the reasons why you should

Don’t Make These Mistakes in Implementing Your Customer Relationship Management System

You implement a customer relationship management system in your business with high hopes that this will help you increase your sales and revenue. How devastating would it be, if you find out that your