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Which Is Better? Lead Volume VS Lead Quality

Lead Volume VS Lead Quality: What differences do each of these leads have? Why are these types of lead generation important in increasing your sales? This article is written with the purpose of answering

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Using Email To Write Effective Sales Pitch

Ever wondered why your email sales pitch don’t get any replies?. Writing a good sales pitch via email is a difficult thing to do even for pioneers in the industry. This article is here

Growing Your Email Contact List Through Lead Magnets

We all know the struggle of coming up with  good lead magnets. Admit it, you have been stuck once or twice with which lead magnets you should use for your lead capturing campaign.  Although

How To Create a Buyer Persona?

How do you usually start your newsletters and emails? Do you start it with a simple ‘Hi <first name>!’? If yes, then is the email performing well? Your emails are your means of attracting

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Common Marketing Automation Mistakes (How to Solve It)

Why did you build your business? How are you able to keep it running? You didn’t just jump into a decision without planning it out, right? That’s like tossing your money out of your

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Optimising Your Email to Boost Its Open Rate via Email Client Market Share

When it comes to increasing your open rate, you should know the most used email clients and their respective Email Client Market Share. This way, you can optimise your email for these devices.  We

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35 Automated Emails To Use For Your Email Campaigns (Part 3)

On the first part of the 36 types of automated emails to amplify your automated email campaigns, five (5) types were introduced, while on the second part, nine (9) other types were presented. Unto