Successful Marketing Automation Campaign all have These 4 Traits

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Every few years people think of the notion that robots and computers will take our marketing automation jobs. A popular book, Rifkin’s The End of Work suggested that full mechanization was reaching the point that new opportunities it created couldn’t replace the ones it made obsolete. Much recently, a article raised this specter, this time focusing on the capability of robots and computers focusing on the capability to replace jobs which require high-level creativity and thinking, and asking the question of whether human lawyers and doctors are becoming an anachronism.

Robots and their capabilities are something people think about a lot. A lot of research we have been conducting recently focuses on the role of technology in marketing and marketing departments. So what is this technology good for and where does it struggle? So what’s the common factor to those organizations that live happily together with their marketing technology? How do vague ideas like “social brands” jive or clash while relying increasingly on data?

The pressure to automate tasks influences every company, and that is one of the many reasons why B2B marketers are overworked. Today the typical sales cycle has become elongated, making it very hard to keep track of a lead that might become active months before that lead’s budget exists.

Buyers no longer rely on sales reps in making a purchasing decision, they go to their peers and digital sources for information. Marketing teams and their budgets have been cut in response to an economy which seems to be in a difficult situation of growth. The situation growth is that it’s painfully slow for the long term.

These marketers have to squeeze leads from a very tight market, understand the uncompassionate needs to the buying committee over a long period of time, and then publish content that satisfies them all.

It’s a very difficult task, and in other areas of marketing, attempts to be more systematic have not worked at all. Marketers that work on digital display ask the question of whether the slight difference in human behavior can be decoded with algorithms. However, for organizations which depend on generating and understanding leads on an individual scale, marketing automation can be very successful.

We asked a lot of potential CRM software provider and users who are looking for common factors of successful and unsuccessful programs. Here are the top contenders.

  • You cannot automate a process you do not understand. Excellent automation programs all have to be built using a process for lead definition, handling, and a common language. Unless every part of finance, marketing and sales contribute to this understanding and agree to work together and process then automation is highly unlikely to succeed.
  • Computers work on zeroes and ones.  To have powerful and efficient automation, consolidating data, cleaning and databases are prerequisites and must be done first. Definitions and names have to share common data in order for them to be segmented by everything from stage in the cycle to title to region.
  • People need to cooperate with other people. It’s a very rare thing to hear from people in digital marketing that they’re ready to do so much more, but technology is limiting us. You occasionally hear it but it’s rarely true. The availability of human resources is also in question here. Organizations try to put in place automation into a department’s existing responsibilities without providing new staff are most likely to find themselves using advanced tools for email blasting and end up paying a lot for it.
  • Successful marketing automation requires creativity. This is the most important aspect of marketing automation to succeed. The whole point of marketing automation is not to choke the marketer. While using it wisely, automation frees the marketer from the tedious task of duplicating the same campaign over and over again.

The whole promise of marketing automation is very bright for those who focus on inbound marketing. What makes automation successful is the relevant, compelling content that attracts leads to a successful inbound marketing program. A triggered email that’s perfectly timed only matters if there are great content to make it work. Don’t have a CRM Singapore software yet? Contact us or email us at for more details about Marketing Automation.


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