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A Quick Guide to Automated Referrals

July 26, 2018 Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing, Referral Marketing 0 Comments

Referral marketing is essential for any type of business. According to the New York Times, 65% of new business comes from referrals. There are many advantages of referrals, and one of these is getting more and more customers to know your brand through word of mouth. So, what’s good about referrals? It’s a low-cost marketing strategy compared to other strategies that your business can use. And, if you are giving your customers good products/services, great customer service and experience, referral marketing strategy is something you should put a good effort in leveraging. And of course, referral marketing works!

But, there is something better – you can absolutely automate your way to referrals. While referral marketing is not so popular because a lot of marketers find it hard to implement traditional strategies for referrals and most of the time, lose track of these referral programs. These problems can be eased with automation. Choosing the right automation tool, CRM Singapore software and developing a referral program according to your business need and type,

Why automate?

Save money and time!

Automation helps you save time and money and streamline your marketing efforts so, why not? It’s really just a simple equation: time=money. Integrating marketing automation into your referral marketing program removes complexity and monotonous tasks that take up so much time when done manually. Using automation for your referral system will allow you to run effective, trackable, measurable and profitable campaigns.

With automation, you can integrate existing tools for email, analytics, payments and many other business processes, minus the hassle. Other than that, another perk of automated referral marketing is minimised errors in your data. You might be wondering why your referral marketing is not performing as expected; you might need to automate your processes in order to point to the parts where you need to improve work.

Track Your Referrals

When you automate your referral system, participants can be tracked throughout their referral lifecycle – from the moment they jumped on board your referral system when they made a referral and to whom they sent it to. Participants‘ frequency of doing a referral is also monitored and tracked and if whether or not the individuals they refer joined the referral program. Moreover, an automated referral system can automatically deliver incentives that are earned through referrals. These are utterly tedious when you don’t have an automation system.

Follow up, and brand engagements are two important factors to maintain and retain your customers and essentially increase new referrals. When you automate, you get to keep a good eye on what is happening in your referral life cycle and streamline efforts in order to keep your current customers happy and satisfied while persuading more people to do business with you.

Build stronger relationships with Customers

Keep in mind that delighted customers are happy referrers. Customer referral is a strong way to build a solid community of ambassadors for your products/services. In order to keep your prospects and customers “entertained” while they are with you, you need to be able to understand where they are in their buyer’s journey. Always remember: AVOID TREATING ALL YOUR PROSPECTS AND CUSTOMERS THE SAME. They all differ in interests, needs and their location in the buyer’s funnel.

With automation, with just one or few clicks, you will be able to do follow-ups easier and be able to know what your customer base is up to what they are sharing across different social media platform and what they are talking about. This helps you gain insight and leverage this to gain more referrals.

Planning your Referral Program with Automation

When building a referral with automation, you need to consider four important things:

Customer engagement – your automated emails and direct mails are a great way to engage your customers. Your marketing automation system should easily be able to segment your new and existing customers. With automation, you can easily send emails according to durations and triggering actions.  It is also important to remember that timing is crucial. You need to study the perfect time to ask your customer to do a referral for you. Your customers-turned-brand-advocates want easy and seamless referral process which can be made possible with automation.

Have a Landing Page – provide a landing page separately for referrals so you can be able to track who just jumped on board. When the form in your landing page is filled out by a new prospect, you can easily send an automated introductory email to introduce your products/services.

Incentives – giving out incentives shouldn’t be that costly, especially when you use automation efficiently. Your automation can easily match your incentives to your referral’s demographics, give rewards according to various triggers primarily set and will be able to track even further engagements.

Constant nurturing – for your referral to be successful, you need to stay on top of mind. Automation lets your nurture prospects that did not respond so that you will be the first business they remember when the need arises.

Get your automation to work!

Word of mouth marketing has been one of the most effective marketing strategies and automating the process; your campaigns will now be easily tracked, measured and ran. There are a lot of marketing automation tools you can integrate with your referral processes. Before deciding what tools to use for your referral automation, you have to plan your strategy. Study the strategies that will work best for your business and your customers. Drive your sales team to focus on leads that are more likely to convert. Strengthen and nurture these leads, and you just might get those sales.

Automation might be a bit intimidating, but trust me, you shouldn’t be. Integrating automation into your referral programs can not only optimise your campaigns but also streamline your marketing efforts to meet the goals you’ve set. The biggest companies have been doing automated referral marketing; there’s seem to be no reason why you shouldn’t. Automate your referrals and find out what works and what doesn’t. Automate, increase your referrals, increase your sales.

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