header image of the blog title "Boost Your Sales Using Marketing Automation" with a tablet showing graphs on a wooden table
header image of the blog title "Boost Your Sales Using Marketing Automation" with a tablet showing graphs on a wooden table

Boost Your Sales Using Marketing Automation

April 3, 2018 Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

You, reading this article, means you already know about automation marketing. About streamlining, automating, and monitoring routinary marketing tasks. It made your marketing teams’ life easier. But there is more to it than just making their life simpler.
What if I told you there is a way to help you boost your sales, and at the same time, making your marketing team’s life easier.

How To Increase Sales With Automation Marketing

Using Automation Marketing, you get to hit two birds with one stone. Here is how you increase your sales by using marketing automation.

1. Use Lead Scoring to Boost your Sales.

Knowing when the prospect is sales-ready is a little bit tricky. Sometimes you come to the lead too early and lead backs out. Making the prospect an unqualified lead. Though unqualified leads can be converted into potential customers, the possibility of them converting into customers is quite low.

Lead Scoring adds and subtracts points from leads basing on the actions they have made. If the points accumulated from a lead reaches the certain point you set, your lead is presumed to be sales-ready, qualified to be given to the sales team.

Saving your team some time from the unqualified leads and investing it in those sales-ready leads.

2. Personalize your Website.

By the time the prospects are browsing through your website, they already have an impression of your company. The lead’s conversion rate will increase the moment they see your personalized website. By using the lead’s data, you can utilize the data to personalize landing pages. Anonymous web visitors can even experience being personalized too!

3. Provide the Right information.

Your sales-ready leads need nurturing. Just like a plant, you do not leave the plant unattended just because the plant has already grown. Leads are like plants. The right follow up is needed to keep them interested. Providing the right information is crucial to your sales team to give the leads the best conversation.

Keeping track of the interactions the lead have with your company helps provide information to sales easily. Using a CRM system, you will be able to have a personalized conversation with every sales-ready individual.

You can use the Marketo Sales Insight application called Interesting Moments in your salesforce to help prepare your sales team.

4. Remain Engaged using Triggered Emails.

It is important for your company to stay in your lead’s mind. Have a conversation with your lead to remain engaged. Using triggered emails can help you in keeping in contact with your lead. Triggered emails get sent depending on your lead’s actions. Turning leads to real customers.

Let’s say you sell winter boots. A potential customer viewed your winter boots pricing page. An email, specially designed for interested customers, will be sent to that potential customer.

5. Implement Segmentation on your Lead Nurturing.

Dividing your market and grouping them into groups according to the similarity in their characteristics, needs, or interests. Most likely, the contacts grouped together will show correlated purchase conduct.

Providing specific contents to each lead to help turn each lead into sales-ready; ready.

6. Track Your Lead.

Tracking your lead is essential in automation marketing. It is important that we take note of every interaction the lead has with your company. This is to make sure you are delivering the right message to your lead at the right time. It is a sure way to increase your sales because the significant content is what your lead needs to keep them engaged.

Using tools like predictive content will enable you to observe the customer’s behavior. Building a profile of the leads preference in every action they are taking. Utilize tools in your engagement platform to guide you in engaging with your leads. Giving each lead personalized message at the same time getting data about their engagement with your content.

7. Keep track of your ROI.

Keeping track of your ROI is crucial. Tracking the ROI of every program will allow us to check which program is doing well and which ones are not doing very well. You can then keep the ones which are doing well and cancel those which are not doing so well. The ideal ROI is 5x your investment. This means you must earn 5x the amount you paid to run your program.

Not only does the marketing automation and CRM Singapore make your job better, it can also be used to improve your sales. Helping you with customer service while boosting your sales.

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