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4 Things to Remember When Choosing CRM Vendors in Singapore

August 24, 2018 CRM Data Management, CRM Software, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

In selecting CRM vendors to buy from in Singapore, what considerations do you usually have?

A CRM system is a big deal, and it can make a big dent in your budget if you chose to buy one. Do you have like criteria for judging which is the best? Or you just purchase the one that’s currently leading in the rankings? And if you do end up choosing the right CRM software for your business, based on the list Google gives. Do you critic it to see if it fits your company or what you want to achieve?

There is a lot of CRM Singapore software out there, and by a lot, you know that we’re talking about hundreds of software. So, how do you decide? If you live in Singapore, you’ve probably encountered companies selling CRM tools in Singapore. What features would make you say, “Okay, I’m buying a CRM software from this company”?

Are you scratching your head now, thinking of answers for the questions we just hurled at you? Don’t worry. We know you’re too busy to go through every CRM software available in Singapore that’s why we came up with this list of 4 things that you should think of when you buy CRM tools or CRM software.

List of Things To Take Note in Choosing CRM Vendors Singapore:

1. Do they offer any one of the leading CRM Software?

Okay, don’t give us that look.

Don’t start by saying “Leading CRM Software? You want me to follow the trend?!”

A leading CRM software is leading for a good reason. It gets great reviews because it works, and not because it’s the new “IN” software. Software like Pipeline CRM, Hubspot CRM, Infusionsoft CRM (for small businesses), Oracle CRM, Zoho CRM, NetSuite CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and many others. It’s too tiring to name all of them. They’re at the top list because they deliver profitable, revenue generating results.

People’s opinions about these tools matter, because the last thing you want to do is buy software that only wastes your money. So, when you go to a CRM vendor, the first thing you should do is check their CRM software. Make a list of the leading CRM software. And when you approach a CRM vendor, ask if they are selling or offering any of the CRM tools in your list. If they don’t, ask them what CRM platform they’re using. Don’t crush them off your list just yet. Go to our no. 2, and check if their CRM software has the features that leading CRM software to have.

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2. What features do their CRM tools have?

  • Lead Management

Check if the CRM software they sell has a lead management feature. CRM tools which have a lead management feature can easily access their leads and do a follow-up. A CRM software that has lead management built into it will allow you to rank how far off are they (your potential buyers aka leads) from buying or hiring your service/product. It’ll show you what activities they’ve done on your website if they’ve browsed your products. Or, they’ve left their online shopping carts.

You’ll know when you need to contact your potential buyers because you see their lead score. Then you’ll send them probably an email, or maybe even call them. That way you’re nurturing them, and slowly building up their desire to buy your product or hire your services.

  • Pipeline Management

Don’t confuse this with your sales funnel; they’re not the same thing. Pipeline management another feature you should look for when you’re checking the different tools a CRM vendor offers. Pipeline management is basically the funnel that tracks all your deals, meaning all your sales. A sales funnel on the other hand monitors the all the activities of your leads until they become customers. You know that sales are the fuel that keeps your business going, so being aware of the sales and deals happening in your business is very important.

With this feature, you’ll know which products sell the most, which products need more advertisement. You’ll also be able to track the age of your buyers, and what they do for a living.

  • Mobile responsiveness

Aside from tracking your leads and your sales, a CRM software has to be mobile responsive as well. Finding a CRM tool in Singapore that offers mobile responsiveness is crucial, because in our society today, it’ll be tough to see someone who doesn’t own a phone. Your customers buy products from online stores through their phones. They do banking through their phones. Even the simple task of booking a plane ticket can be done using your cell phone.

You need a tool that will help your business become mobile responsive. If the dealer you’re talking to now doesn’t offer a CRM software that’s mobile responsive, then it’s time you look for another vendor.

  • Email integration

We’re at a digital age, which means you won’t find people sending letters via the old postal method. Your customers use email, and even you, you use emails. So, when you ask for specifics or features of the CRM tools, you’re looking at. See if it’s mobile responsive.

Another thing to check as well is the CRM software’s ability to track which emails are being read, which emails are being deleted fast. And which emails are marked as spam. Knowing these things will make it easier for you to make a leads list.

  • Reports

Check if their CRM tool gives clear and easy to understand the result. You’re not a web developer, and you’re not some tech guru who can interpret codes. So, choosing a CRM software that gives a clear report is what you’re aiming for. You should be able to understand the data that the software is showing you. And the data also has to be 100% accurate. A software that gives you wrong information will only cost you money instead of helping you earn money.

Aside from clear reports, the CRM software you’re thinking of buying should give you lots of reports. By that we mean, there shouldn’t be a piece of information in your whole Customer Relationship process that it can’t make a report on. Data is your power, with proper data you’ll end up making stupid decisions. You don’t want to be a blind mouse in business. You want to be the Eagle that has the clearest and sharpest view of everything.

  • Automation

The last feature you should check is automation. Think about it. Do you want to send out emails to all your customers and leads manually? You’ll spend a whole day doing such a menial task. Why not let your CRM platform do it for you. It’ll save you time, effort and money even if you choose to automate your CRM system.

If the CRM software that your vendor is selling you cannot automate your processes, maybe it’s time to search for other tools. And don’t be fooled by your vendor offering other features like customisable home screen and layouts. If they don’t automate, then don’t buy their CRM product. It’s not worth your time, not unless you want to send out 500 emails manually.

3. Is it a CRM system for small business?

If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re a small business owner. So, naturally, you need to look for a CRM software or CRM platform that’s best suited for small businesses. What’s the use of spending thousands of dollars for a sophisticated CRM system when all you need is a simple one? You don’t need a CRM platform that can handle 25 000 contacts when you only have 300 contacts.

“Should I be looking ahead? Plan for the future?”

No, you shouldn’t because buying an expensive product that you don’t need is a complete waste of cash. Buy a CRM software that can handle 25,000 contacts when you HAVE 25,000 contacts. Not when you only have 300. You’ll end up investing money that you can’t earn back.

And this is important to take note, just because their a leading CRM software doesn’t mean that they’re perfect for you. Most CRM tools on the big 15 list are built for big companies. If your company is small, then pick a CRM software like Infusionsoft CRM. Infusionsoft CRM is a CRM made for a small business. It won’t have massive contact storage, but it’ll have an adequate amount of space for the clients of your still growing company.

4. What type of Customer database software do they have?

Are they selling a tool that has a stable customer database within the software? You need to make sure that the customer database of the software is secure. This means that it won’t fluctuate and cause you to lose valuable customer data. It should also be accessible. You shouldn’t have trouble accessing the customer database in their software anytime.

It also has to be safe, by that we mean the customer database of their software should have a back-up. And it should have protection against hackers. You want to make sure that your customer and clients bank details, credit card numbers and even personal information is secure. If the CRM software they’re selling to you doesn’t have a stable customer database built in the software, then walk out of their store now.

Some Tidbits About CRM Tools and their Impact on Businesses

  • Over 500 organisations tested their CRM software, and they found that:
  • improves customer service by 74%
  • increases customer satisfaction by 66%
  • improves customer retention by 56%
  • increase their sales by 54%
  • helped them sell 65% more compared to 78% less without CRM tools

These are big data. Imagine getting 65% more sales just by using a CRM software. There are a lot of CRM software out there for small businesses, aka CRM for small business. But, what we can recommend to you is infusion CRM or Infusionsoft CRM. If you haven’t heard about Infusionsoft CRM, then maybe it’s time you contacted an Infusionsoft consultant.

The good news we have for you is, you don’t have to look far for one since we’re a licensed  Infusionsoft consultant here at Scale-up. Feel free to ask us any questions you might have about Infusionsoft CRM. We’ll be glad to answer.


CRM software is important for making your business grow. You need it to map your leads, check on your customers, predict trends in your market. You even need it to make sure that your website is mobile responsive. CRM tools are not just fad that many companies decide to use. It’s a tool that will help your business grow. That’s why it’s important for you to be critical when choosing the right CRM software provider. Because the wrong software will only result in a financial loss instead of a financial gain.

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