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10 CRM Companies In Singapore That Caters To Small and Medium Sized Businesses

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Researching for all the  CRM companies in Singapore is a hassle for most people, right? As a businessman do you have the time and patience to go through every website and every store Google recommends to you on the SERPs? You can’t possible critic and analyse everything right? And blogs that list at least more than 5 CRM software companies is rare. Even finding a list of CRM companies in Singapore is rare. You’d have to go through the first 10 SERPs before you can make a concrete list!

And if you’re new to the whole automate your customer relationship management movement, you’d be overwhelmed by the all the choices. Where do you start? How would you know that these companies are good? Are they near your business? Do they cater to small and medium-sized enterprises? How much do their services cost? How long can you hire their services? Do they have extra fees? These types of questions are plaguing your mind just by looking at the companies in the SERPs.

But, don’t worry. We heard your problem loud and clear that’s why we created a list of the CRM Singapore software companies.

10 Companies That Offer CRM services In Singapore

1. Tigernix Pte Ltd

Tingernix is a CRM system that’s web-based and incorporates a Groupware system into its independent platform. It’s mainly geared towards small and medium-sized enterprises. And it boasts of a robust customer service support that systematically assists you in managing your existing and new customers. Tigernix has been designed to help you remove excessive paperwork from your business with a productive paperless approach.

Some of their clients include:

  • Care Community Services Society
  • Institute of Technical Education (ITE)
  • Life Mastery Academy
  • Warren Golf & Country Club
  • Pathlight School

For more information about their pricing, you can go to their site.

Tigernix does not display their prices on their website you need to ask their VA in order to get their price range.

2. Netsuite

Netsuite CRM is a cloud-based CRM that delivers a real-time view of customers. They provide a seamless flow of data across your entire customer’s journey from knowing about your product to buying your product. Their CRM system helps you forecast your sales, achieve upselling and manage your CRM and sales team.

Their customers include:

  • SunMoon Food Company
  • Treknology 3
  • AAE travel
  • Image Mission
  • PropertyGuru.com
  • Teak & Mahogany
  • Scoot.com

Similar to Tigernix, Netsuite doesn’t display their pricing on their website so if you want to find out how much their CRM service cost you can visit their website and request a quote.

3. Infusionsoft

Infusionsoft CRM organises your customer information, presents your sales and leads interaction history with ease through dashboards and reports. It streamlines your business through the use of hundreds of leading apps. It automates your marketing and emails and allows for A/B testing for both emails and campaigns. You can build sales pipelines and sales funnels to help you see your customer activity real-time.

They offer customizable pricing depending on what you want, and the price range can easily be seen. You can purchase their CRM system through certified partners. Scale-up Marketing is a certified Infusionsoft CRM consultant. So, if you have any questions feel free to ask us.

Learn More About Infusionsoft CRM


4. Plexure Pte Ltd

Plexure Pte Ltd offers your different CRM solutions depending on what you want. They offer CRM implementation that comes with a pre-business analysis to help you understand what type of CRM service you need. They then tailor or customise the CRM platform that suits your business. They help you run, maintain and implement automated CRM into your business. They offer the following CRM platforms that you can choose from: SAP Hybris, Zoho CRM, ACT!, Infor CRM, Sage CRM and Sage ACCPAC.

Their clients include:

  • Kwong Wai Shui Hospital
  • JLT
  • Fonterra
  • Pertapis
  • itAxi
  • Sanyo

Similar to the previous two companies they also don’t explicitly state their CRM pricing. So, if you find out how much their CRM costs it would be best to ask them through their contact details.

5. Deskera

Deskera’s Customer Relationship Management Software allows you to create campaigns and administer marketing automation with companies or with individuals. It’s CRM helps you search, track and convert your leads. The after-sales support of their CRM enables you to monitor the flow of sales in your business and website.

Their customers include:

  • Clean Solutions
  • Diamond Aviation
  • Esmegen Group
  • Sports Fashion Pte Ltd
  • Sushi Tei

They don’t explicitly state their pricing on their website so if you want to find out how much their CRM services cost you need to contact them yourself.

6. HashMicro

Hashmicro CRM allows you to manage your salespersons, your leads, contacts, quotes, invoices and sales order. It also helps you log your calls and manage your email marketing. You can even manage your pipeline through their CRM.

Their clients include:

  • Bee Choo Origin Group
  • Pergas
  • DBA
  • The Gown Warehouse (TGW)
  • HelaSpice
  • Abbot
  • UOB

They also don’t explicitly state how much they charge for the CRM services so if you’re curious you can visit their website and ask them directly.

7. Episcript

Episcript offers an entirely custom built CRM system for your company. It’s guaranteed to be user-friendly, easy to upgrade with Expert support and accessible cloud-based system. Their CRM services also qualify for government grants.

Their clients include:

  • Keppel Corporation
  • Eau Thermale Avene
  • Petrofac
  • Beaufort
  • Nexus Group
  • Marquis Homestyling
  • TDS Singapore

Their CRM price is not stated on their website so for price enquiries. It’s best to contact them for further information.

8. Ranosys

Ranosys offer two types of Open Source CRM systems vTiger CRM and Sugar CRM. For Vtiger they offer module development, CRM implementation and development, customisation, integration, migration and maintenance and support.

For SugarCRM they offer consultation. Web development, customisation, CRM integration, migration and upgrade and maintenance and support.

They don’t show on their website how much they charge their CRM services. You need to send them a message to find out the price.

Their clients include:

  • Singapore Post
  • D-Link
  • Mcdonalds
  • Epson
  • Charles & Keith
  • National University Hospital
  • Singtel

9. SBS Consulting

SBS CRM offers a web-based system that has no installation and is accessible anywhere and anytime. It has centralised records and unlimited company setup and document uploads.

The main features of their CRM include:

Management of leads, campaigns, emails, lists and contacts.

Real-time tracking

Billing and invoicing

Analytics and custom reporting

10. Ascentis Private Limited

Ascentis CRM offers member management, campaign management, case management, communication engine for emails and contacts, and survey management. Their CRM aims to create personalised, targeted marketing that results in a timely engagement.

Their clients include:

  • Changi Airport
  • SPC
  • DFS
  • Wacoal
  • Crate&Barrel
  • TGI Fridays
  • ORTO
  • Cedele
  • Astons
  • Aviva

There are a lot of CRM software companies and even marketing automation companies in Singapore, if we wrote all of them down this list would be too long for you to read. You need to remember that in choosing CRM tools for your small business you have to take into consideration the price, the range of features and their service. And CRM in Singapore can be a broad market to search through.

A CRM that feels like it’s a personal CRM software built just for you is great and all but if it’s worth more than what you can pay maybe it’s time to look at other tools

Final Thoughts

Overall, CRM systems give solutions. And Sales CRM helps you get more profits. The lists we have compiled above is a just a suggested list, the choice is still up to you if you want to research other CRM companies or other CRM software, vendors. Just make sure to pay close attention to the features they offer so you don’t end up wasting your money on a CRM software that doesn’t work for your business.

Learn More About Infusionsoft CRM


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