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header image of the blog title "5 Leading CRM System in Singapore That Boost Productivity" with a man wearing a corporate attire only half of its body shown holding a tablet

CRM Systems in Singapore Increase Productivity!

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Looking for Customer Relationship Management or CRM systems in Singapore? You’re in good hands! We will provide and help you determine Singapore’s leading CRM systems. Choosing the right CRM software for your particular business is essential.

In many ways, the Infusionsoft by Keap system gives opportunity that helps you acquire new customers, improve your relationships with your old customers and increase your sales. Here are five platforms provided to promote your business/es prosper and productive. But we’ll take a look at this nine factors to consider when you evaluate software first:

9 Factors to  Consider when Evaluating Softwares

Did you know that there are researches about CRM systems in Singapore to find the highest ranking automation tools? The CRM applications have been chosen according to their performance, support, customer reviews and other criteria related to this.

As a result, CRM Singapore companies identified over 20 CRM software products. But they picked up only five as the leading software providers that increase your productivity and the growth of your business venture.

You must consider these nine factors when evaluating your software:

  • Cost of the software
  • User-friendliness
  • Features of contact-management
  • Sales and marketing tools
  • Capabilities of tracking employees
  • Customer service
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Mobile access
  • Limitations of the service

5 Leading CRM Systems That Boost Productivity

1. Infusionsoft by Keap

Infusionsoft by Keap Software is the well known web-based solution that coordinates all the tasks that your company and all business owners would prefer not to manage on their own.  It allows you and all users to grow sales, helps to be organised, and make time when dealing with primary business concerns with you.

Do you know that more or less 23,000 small businesses use Infusionsoft by Keap? They’ve needed it to get organised, save time and grow sales. It is built excessively for small business. No matter what your store looks like, on a real street, or a service that is on the go, Infusionsoft by Keap can help. Above all this, you can use its numerous streamlined integrations to connect it with literally every third-party software you’re using. At any time, you can reach their company’s tech support team, and ask their advice to blend Infusionsoft by Keap into your corporate ecosystem.

You can use the tool integrate each step of your sales process and marketing strategy as well as automate repetitive tasks such as follow up.

With Infusionsoft by Keap, you can generate leads, scale personal relationships with customers, escalating sales and so much more.

Infusionsoft by Keap also allows you to unify all your customer interactions and their daily activities in one place, acquire new leads and turn them into customers, sell more online and collect payment using one unified system, and increase your productivity. Infusionsoft by Keap combines everything your company needs. Like contact management, CRM, marketing automation and e-commerce, into a single, efficient online system. It’s the fastest and easiest way to scale up your sales and save your time.

Learn More About Infusionsoft by Keap


2. Deskera

Deskera is not only a CRM tool for small businesses but also to medium ones. It’s a cloud-based CRM system, and its primary target is small and medium businesses (SMBs) wherein it’s easy to implement. You can customise or scale enough with this tool to be able to achieve the desired growth of your business.

This CRM software comes in three original editions that makes it possible for you to start with a simple set of CRM instruments and widen the scope of its functions with your productivity and growth of your business.

Deskera Website

Deskera CRM is designed for small and medium-sized organisations, or departments of larger organisations, who want a simple, convenient usage for CRM marketing, sales and support system.

This CRM model particularly fits for companies with more than two or three offices and people with home-based works.

The CRM system is a customer database software provides everything, like your company’s sales team needs for managing your customers and sales. It has a high-speed search engine and data entry that works softly on your desktops and mobile devices.

3. SAP

The SAP is a CRM tool made in organising and analysing your customer’s interactions and data. This CRM system is designed to complete the process of your sales that help your business to create more revenue.

SAP Website

The SAP is a way to make smarter sales, to generate more leads, so much more to close more deals. This CRM system provides you and other businesses ideas of a consistent sales process to gain more revenue.

4. NetSuite ERP

NetSuite ERP is a thorough, innovative cloud ERP solution that targets high-growing, mid-sized, as well as large business ventures. Its CRM software in Singapore automates your front- and back-office processes among which are the management of your financial, revenue, fixed assets, order management, billing, inventory, etc.

The CRM software enables your whole organisation, both the top management and the clerical staff, a customizable view of your core performance indicators and your reports of their role.

NetSuite ERP Website

Exploring beyond many traditional products, NetSuite ERP gives you real and tested capabilities of automating and streamlining business processes and operations. It ensures you to ensure your clarity and your real-time online visibility to expand and develop.

5. Act!

Act! is a robust sales and marketing tool that’s considered to be the most affordable among the most CRMs. CRM systems in Singapore includes management of your leads, an opportunity channel with your landing pages and control of your campaign.

This also provides you with flexible workflow tools including marketing automation. All the tools are entirely accessible from Android or iOS devices.

Act! Website

Act!’s apps also provide cohesive email marketing for launching your targeted campaigns to your contact lists. The CRM software also enables your company to track precisely who reads and clicks on the messages sent

Final Thoughts

Infusionsoft by Keap is CRM software which helps you with lead generation and realise it to make these leads into customers. It provides you with an all in one contact management system, E-commerce and affiliate program which contributes towards the growth of your business. It’s designed to be significantly more cost-effective as well for small companies if pricing is a big concern for you. With Infusionsoft by Keap, you can build powerful campaigns and promote your business to all your contacts. You can also create beautiful landing pages/web forms and capture more leads that will help your business grow.

Overall, these CRM solutions also give you powerful sales methods for all kinds of businesses that help you acquire a new customer, improve your relationship to both old and new customer, and most of all increase your sales as your primary goal. Moreover, it is essential for us to choose the right software for better marketing automation.

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