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header image of the blog title "GET TO KNOW THE ADVANTAGES of Using CRM vs Excel Spreadsheet" with a background image of a laptop facing in front and a plastic cup beside it on a wooden surface

CRM vs Excel – 5 Things a Spreadsheet Can’t Do for Your Business that a CRM Can

November 9, 2018 CRM Data Management, CRM Software, infusionsoft by Keap, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips, Online Marketing 0 Comments

In using CRM vs Excel, CRM data is stored centrally, and it has an easy-to-follow format that helps you monitor your business’ sale processes and monitor staff performance. Moreover, it qualifies and follows up on leads and prioritise your sales activities. Overall, it helps you boost your sale. The typical mistake that sales teams do is that they use old business tools for jobs that they aren’t mean for. Spreadsheets are commonly used to share information throughout sales teams to manage sales activities. Although it is a useful tool, it only helps you sort data and organize your contacts in a very few ways.  The big limitation that spreadsheets create hinders you from achieving your business goals which are frustrating on your part.

The problem is, spreadsheet rows and columns aren’t made for managing your prospects and helping your sales team create a solid collaboration.

Here’s a list of 5 things you can’t do with Google or excel spreadsheet:

1. See an ordered view for every interaction you have made.

It’s not enough that you know when you first contacted a prospect or when your last contact was. A spreadsheet only does that. But in business, it’s important to see a chronological order of every single interaction you’ve made with a prospect. Creating a detailed timeline helps to fasten your business process and eliminates the effort for sales team members to go through notes before sales calls. Plus it lets a team member turn over a prospect to another teammate without the hassle of explaining what has been discussed before.

2. Creating a standardised sales process.

A standardised sales process helps your train new sales reps, set expectations for your business, optimise your sales efforts and help your sales team be more confident and sales efficient through a consistent foundation. This is one strategy you can make for your sales team to increase your sales which a spreadsheet absolutely can’t do.

For every business, it is especially crucial for you to identify which sales activity provides the best results for your sales team. This is the first and most important step in creating a standardised sales process. Doing so allows you to make better marketing strategies by using proven methods for increasing sales. You can create formalised templates that all your sales reps are familiar with and can follow easily.

3. See and understand your sales pipeline.

Understanding your sales pipeline is one of the most crucial pieces of information in your business. A spreadsheet can only let you forecast sales or try to come up with an analysis for your business deals that are still in progress. Seeing the status of your sales pipeline will help you understand and get updated on how your sales are doing in relation to your quota. A spreadsheet can’t process this information, but a CRM can.

4. Efficient team communication and collaboration.

Creating an efficient and productive flow of communication is important for a strong sales team collaboration to make productive sales. Although you can share spreadsheets, a group effort for editing and reviewing the information in it is inefficient and disorganised. It only allows members to make brief notes, little notations and the communication does not flow back and forth. It doesn’t help the sales team exchange important notes within each other, receive notifications for business deals that need immediate attention and mobilize prospects to move through your sales pipeline. Using a CRM can get all of those jobs done.

5. Work your way with other business tools.

It’s convenient to have all your business tools integrated. A spreadsheet can only export data in comma-separated values, and it’s a hassle for sales team members to work with multiple tools, switching from one to the other. However, an excellent CRM tool allows your sales team members to work in a single platform. Example, you want to integrate your business with emails or customer support.

Advantages of CRM over Spreadsheets:

With accessible control over your business data, marketing automation, effective communication with clients, faster responses to customers and efficient analysis of sales performance,  CRMs allow you to build stronger relationships with your potential clients. It fills the holes that spreadsheets can’t provide for your business.

Both CRM and spreadsheets can be shared between sales team members. But, CRMs are more secure and it can access other tools that will help you save time, money and effort.  It saves the hassle of each team member to search and go through multiple spreadsheets. Most importantly, you wouldn’t have to miss every opportunity to be productive and build relationships with potential clients.

An excellent CRM software like Infusionsoft by Keap should be able to hit multiple birds with one stone. Not only should it address the central issue of building strong connections with your client, but it should perform in a practical, efficient, organised and easy way to complete even complex business to business job sales. Of course, every CRM and business is unique. CRM in Singapore is very competitive. You should find the right CRM for your business to optimise it and increase your sales. You can compare excel vs spreadsheet, but it will never be on par with the benefits CRM provides for your business.

Implementing a significant change is not a process that will be embraced immediately. Some employees will be hesitant to adapt to it at first because they’re afraid to let go of the old ways and they are more comfortable with the traditional methods. It’s also an extra burden for them to think that they will restart to zero and learn about a new program again. Besides, a free and existing spreadsheet software is already accessible in their computers. If you encounter this problem, it would be helpful to hold seminars about a new CRM software you are about to implement. You should be able to let your employees understand how a CRM software can help boost your business and improve the way you market in a cost-efficient, time-saving method that allows effective collaboration within your sales team. You can even give incentives perhaps for progress made by employees. Get the right CRM Singapore for your business now to improve your marketing and ultimately increase your sales.

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