ScaleUp Banner with a background Image of a person using laptop and a text "How To Deal With Customers Through CRM Implementation and Email Marketing"
ScaleUp Banner with a background Image of a person using laptop and a text "How To Deal With Customers Through CRM Implementation and Email Marketing"

How To Deal With Customers Through CRM Implementation and Email Marketing

March 4, 2019 CRM Software, Email Marketing, infusionsoft by Keap, Marketing Automation 0 Comments

When it comes to  (Customer Relationship Management) CRM Implementation, not every business owner knows how to utilise their CRM Software fully. So instead of using it to improve your relationship with your customers, business owners tend to use their CRM software to store their customer’s data and nothing more.

CRM is your investment, and if you don’t use it in its full potential, that’s one wasted investment.

CRM is not a data storage tool. It can help you build an excellent relationship with your customers. Having a good relationship with your customers gains your customer’s trust and earning their trust means more sales for you. Which takes us back to building a good relationship with your customers.

Think of it as making friends. You first introduce yourself to the person you want to befriend. Then you communicate with them. As you talk to your prospective friend, you’ll learn more about your friend and the same goes for them. Which them builds trust with them.

CRM from Singapore such as Infusionsoft by Keap can do just that. It’s not just cloud storage for your customer’s data. There are a lot of things that you can do with your CRM software such as Marketing Automation, Lead Capturing, Lead Nurturing and a lot more.

Marketing Automation, for example, helps you send relevant emails to your customers help you connect with them. Aside from that, CRM Software such as Infusionsoft by Keap even has a feature that shows how hot or cold your lead or customer is. The hotter your lead, the more engaged they are with your emails.


How Can I Start With my CRM Implementation Process?

  1. Establishing a Connection

Just like how you started with your business, you start from the very basic. You establish a connection with your customer. How? You ask for your customer’s email address. Now, you need to be patient during this part especially a lot of people are wary of spam email. Leads won’t sign up if they are not interested with your brand.

However, in most cases, if you don’t have an excellent lead capturing strategy, capturing customer email addresses may take years. Now because a lot of business owners don’t want to go through all that pain of lead capturing and nurturing, they buy contacts with hopes of getting these acquired contacts will trust their brand—NO. Buying contacts will only drag you to the ever-dreaded spam folder.

This is why, as early as now, you have to start looking up recommended lead capturing strategies that can help you boost your contacts on your contact list.


  1. Communicate With Your Customers

After you are able to get your lead’s contact information and details it’s time to give them a warm welcome. Give them a welcome email, or a few percents off on your products or services. It’s essential that you let your customers feel welcomed. According to InboxArmy, welcome emails are 4x most likely to be opened than your usual emails. In addition to that, it also has 5x click-through rate than your standard email marketing campaign.

However, you don’t stop at the welcome emails. Remember, you want to build a good relationship with your customer. If you’re going to make friends with your customer, never stop sending emails after sending your welcome emails. Saying ‘Hello’, and ‘Welcome’ to your customers won’t make them want to avail your service or buy your products.

Let’s go back to our example. You can’t consider someone was a friend if you only said hello to them. You consider someone as your friend if you continuously communicate and update each other with your life.

Your welcome email should be the start of your email campaign. After your welcome email, create a customer relationship strategy that can help you in building a good relationship with your customer.

Bonus Tip: Customers love personalised and relevant emails. So, if you want your open rate and your click-through rate to increase, give your customers relevant contents.


  1. Monitor Your Progress

Your business will not fly if you do not seek to improve. Now, if you’re just starting, you have to make sure that you keep track of what’s happening with your business, and that includes your email campaign. Excellent CRM Tools make it easy for you to monitor your campaigns. This part may be exhausting; however, if you want to increase your open rate, click-through rate, and your conversion rate you have to conduct tests.

The test results will determine whether or not you’re doing well with your campaign. Remember you will not improve if you do not make changes. The good thing about this is that CRM Tools makes it easier for marketers and owners to keep track of the changes in the email campaign.

Although you can choose to skip this step and go on with your campaign if you’re someone who cares for your investment and customer service, you will not take this step for granted.


  1. Deal With Customers Who Complain

There’s not a single business out there that have not once received a complaint— and your business is not excluded from this. You may even have gotten some of them in the past. So, how did you deal with these complaints?

You may be able to deal with these complaints if the customer personally went to your office or shop easily. Now, what would you do if a customer used their social networking accounts to talk bad about your products and services? Now, the best thing to do is to communicate with them. Ask them what part of your products and services did they not like? Make sure you do this is the calmest way or else the issue may become bigger.

Send them an apology email. You want to make sure that you amend any misunderstandings between you and your customer. You don’t want these customers to influence your other prospective customers negatively.


Final Thoughts

CRM is more than just mere cloud storage for your customer’s data. You can use CRM to help you create a connection between you and your customer. So instead of merely storing your data, why not use your customer’s provided data to give an excellent customer experience.

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