Growing Your Email Contact List Through Lead Magnets

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We all know the struggle of coming up with  good lead magnets. Admit it, you have been stuck once or twice with which lead magnets you should use for your lead capturing campaign. 

Although coming up with a lead magnet is easy, choosing the one which could pull you a number of leads, can be tricky. Why? Because you still do not know what your lead wants. 

The only thing that you know about your lead at this point, is that they have the same problem. Nothing more. 

But is it really nothing? 

Knowing your lead’s problem actually gives you enough information to create a lead magnet. You’ll know why later in the blog. However, before we jump into knowing how to come up with an attractive let magnet, and lead magnet ideas, let’s first find out what lead magnets are. 

What is a Lead Magnet? 

It’s an incentive that you give to your leads and in return, they’ll give you their contact information and email address. It can be in the form of downloadable content, free PDF, checklist, EBook, Videos and other digital content. 

Suppose you run an e-commerce shop for beauty products and you want to increase your revenue. To do this, you’d have to run a lead capturing campaign so your email contact list will grow. But how are you going to attract your leads into clicking your campaign?

Using a lead magnet, you’ll be attracting leads for your email contact list. 

Why You Should Have One Too? 

Growing your business means you’d have to attract new customers while taking care of your existing customers as well. Especially if you’re using a Marketing Automation or a CRM from Singapore such as Infusionsoft Singapore.

Maintaining a good relationship with your existing customers through email marketing is already challenging enough. You send them emails and they won’t even open it or will delete your emails right away. These are the people who already bought the items you sell or the service you provide. 

Building a new one with a complete stranger will become a greater challenge. 


People consider their email addresses and contact information personal information. This is why they won’t give it up very easily. They’ll only give it to you if they’re very interested in what you’re offering. Without a lead magnet, your customer won’t give their email addresses to you, especially if what you’re currently offering doesn’t catch their interest. 

By giving them an incentive, they will be compelled to give you their email and contact information. Why? Prospective leads would want to know what’s in it for them. If they can see that you’re giving them something that they want, they’ll wholeheartedly accept it. 

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What Makes a Lead Magnet Attractive to the Leads?

  • Solves the Problem of Your Lead (For Real)

Your lead magnet won’t work if it doesn’t provide the answer to your lead’s problem. Make sure that your lead magnet addresses to the problem, your lead has. 

  • Easy to Understand

Do not make your lead feel as if they made the biggest mistake of giving their personal information to you, by giving them a lengthy eBook or checklist. Make them feel lucky as if they just made the best decision by giving them an easy to understand one. 

  • Fulfills Your Lead’s Wants

Keep your lead waiting for your emails by giving a lead magnet that your lead will want. The more they’re interested in your emails, the easier they are to convert. 

  • Exhibits Your Expertise in Your Niche

Establish Authority in your niche using your lead magnet by giving them useful information that can help them with their problems. This increases the trust of your lead on your brand.

  • Very Specific

Targeting everyone, won’t actually hit anyone. Be specific in helping with your lead’s problems, this way, your lead will feel that you’re there because you want to help them with their problem. 

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8 Highly Enticing Lead Magnet Ideas for Your Email Contact List

  1. Checklist

Checklist is one of the best kinds of lead magnet and is one of the commonly used lead magnets among business owners. Why? It solves the problem of the lead, it is easy to understand, it exhibits expertise, and it’s not broad. Plus, it’s also easily actionable.

It’s one of the best options that you can have for a lead magnet. 

  1. Templates

This is the ideal template for those who haven’t fully grasped how things work. It also works as well as checklists since its actionable, it helps your lead with their problems and it’s easy to use. 

Templates provide a starting point and outline for your lead. Which is why for people who are still starting out, templates is ideal.

  1. Toolkits

Another lead magnet you can do is a toolkit. Everyone wants to know what tools do the professionals use to finish their job. 

  1. Resource Lists

Write down all important resources that can help your lead with their problems. People prefer using a resource list from someone who knows what the niche is about since it saves their time and effort.

  1. Worksheets and Workbooks

Worksheets and workbooks are documents that help your lead with their problem. By offering worksheets or workbooks, your lead will have something to look forward to every week. 

  1. Guides

This is perfect lead magnet if you want to establish authority. Your lead at this point, have only little to no idea on how they can solve their problem. 

  1. Recipes

If you’re on the food industry, giving your lead a recipe for free will work very well. Plus, your leads will also look forward to what you’ll be sending them the next time.

  1. Free EBook

Another common and popular lead magnet, are EBooks. Especially if you’re offering them with an interesting one, your lead will definitely grab the book. 

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re a business owner or a digital marketer, you’ll need a lead magnet, especially if you want to grow your email marketing contact list. It’s an essential process that you need to go through if you want to increase your revenues.

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