header image of the blog title "How Marketing Automation Is The Ultimate Game-Changer In Singapore This 2018" with a background of an open laptop on a wooden table
header image of the blog title "How Marketing Automation Is The Ultimate Game-Changer In Singapore This 2018" with a background of an open laptop on a wooden table

How Marketing Automation Is The Ultimate Game-Changer In Singapore This 2018

April 24, 2018 Marketing Automation, Marketing Automation Platforms, Marketing Tips 0 Comments

Ever wondered why business has always been progressive in Singapore? The answer is simply a combination of strategic location, planning, and marketing automation in Singapore. According to the latest survey of the World Bank, Singapore is ranked number one as the world’s easiest place to do business.

Marketing automation and CRM Singapore has been a huge helper for Singapore companies and all over the world. It helps boost the marketing operations of companies and acquire new customers to buy their products and services. Automation establishes a way for businesses to conveniently save time, and focus their efforts more on other business tasks that can help boost their company’s revenue and earn an even higher ROI.

Marketing Automation in Singapore

According to the 2018 marketing automation statistics overview for Singapore alone, “55% of companies are currently using marketing automation, with more than half of that statistic being business to business (B2B).” It just goes to show how marketing automation has become a reliable tool for online marketing this year. Based on our research, here is a list of all the benefits that Singapore-based organizations have been reaping by utilizing marketing automation in their online operations.

Proper Management of Time and Money


Having limited time and budget is one of the biggest challenges for businesses in Singapore. With the number of competitors in the area, a considerable budget is needed to be on par with bigger, more funded companies. A marketing automation tool just solves all that, as it has been allowing businesses to automate their marketing and save time while still making operations smoother. With marketing automation in Singapore, businesses are now turning their attention towards new projects for their brand and gaining higher ROI.

Boost in Customer Engagement

close up shot of professional business people focused on something indicating that a boost in customer engagement using marketing automation in singapore helps businesses

Getting customers engaged is one of the most critical aspects of marketing online. Without a clear strategy, getting people to pay attention to what we have to offer is going to be hard. But now marketing automation, creating strategies for attracting engaging and interacting with a company’s target audience is now easier than ever. With their very own buyer’s journey, companies can now nurture potential leads effortlessly. Ever since the rise of marketing automation, the rate of customer engagement from companies who use it has drastically increased.

More Accurate Targeted Audiences

close up shot of crowded place with people walking to different paths indicating marketing automation gives accurate targeted audience

Acquiring a targeted audience is essential for effective online marketing. Utilizing marketing automation has Singapore companies easily identifying their target audience based on their marketing results. The various options that marketing automation has been offering has to help these marketers determine their target audience and make the most out of their marketing efforts.

Deliver High-Quality Leads

torso of a business man pointing his right hand forward to three captions "VALIDATION", "LEAD DELIVERY" and "NURTURE"

With marketing automation, leads are pre-qualified and nurtured properly. This process makes landing a sale easy, as sales-ready leads can now be identified easily and passed straight to the sales team quicker compared to not using marketing automation.

Whether it’s Ontraport, Marketo, GetResponse, or Infusionsoft CRM, the impact of marketing automation has greatly helped marketers improve the effectiveness of their marketing operations in the Lion City. The business status of Singapore is going nowhere but up, so marketers in the region should adapt to the rapid pace of the growing business landscape in the country. Keeping up with the latest marketing automation trends in business makes it much easier.

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